Why I Flew 1,624 Miles and Paid $1,706.70 For Breakfast

And Why You Should Do the Same

Last week I flew 1,624 Miles and paid $1,706.70 to have breakfast with Mike Kim and Brian Dixon. The breakfast included a small band of remarkable companions. Why would I do such a thing? Sometimes we have the opportunity to make wise investments in other people.


Often these investments are inconvenient. But this particular kind of investment can often bring the biggest payoff.  And not in the most obvious ways. I’ll explain the non-obvious benefits in a moment, but first, a quick story…

Brain Hacking Your Way to Good Habits

Identify the Triggers That Are Blocking Your Success

How robotic is your behavior? How much of your day is on automatic pilot? For most people, the answer is, “more than you think.”  Invisible triggers activate much of our behavior. Without realizing it, we become slaves to those triggers. This is dangerous. These automatic behaviors can have huge negative impact on our lives.

Rewire Blog

As a young boy, I often visited my grandmother. Granny was what you imagine when you hear the word “grandmother.” She adored my brothers and me. She was more permissive than our Mom & Dad. She let us stay up late. She spoiled us. And she filled us with ice cream, cake, cobbler, and homemade banana pudding.

#217: How to Always Hit Your Goals

Just Say BAM!

Many of us have one or more goals we just can’t seem to crack. Maybe it’s those stubborn “last 10 pounds” (or last 50 pounds) you just can’t seem to lose. Perhaps it’s the debt you never seem to pay off. Whatever the goal may be, if you’d like a system guaranteed to get those goals crossed off your list, this episode is for you.


In this episode…

  • How you can know for sure if God is “on your side”.
  • The one conference you must attend this year, and your invitation to join us.
  • And our featured segment, How to Always Hit Your Goals.

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#216: Why Faith Friday Is Ending

No, I Won't Stop Talking About Jesus

The Ray Edwards Show will continue to publish without fail every week. We have never missed a week. But…

The “Faith Friday” and weekly “Deep Dive” episodes are coming to an  end. It was an experiment, and all the date tells me we’re making the right move by going back to one episode per week. Listen to this short episode to hear the whole story of wy I’ve made this decision, and where we go from here…

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