#110: How to Get Back On Track [Podcast]

Recently, my life fell apart. At least that’s how it felt emotionally. From the outside, everything looked great.  I was an in demand speaker, making lots of money, with a lot of projects in the works, and the field of possibility ahead of me. The truth was another matter. My calendar was overscheduled, my time was overcommitted, I had agreed to too many meetings and too many projects, and my health deteriorated dramatically.  Somehow, I had managed to get off track. Way off track.


Then I had an epiphany. It didn’t instantly solve all my problems, but it did show me the solution to all my problems, and the path I needed to walk to get back on track. Interestingly, I believe this same solution can work for you when you get off track, and I’ll share a simple set of steps you can file away from when you need them. Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • One iPhone case to rule them all.
  • Why happiness really is the truth.
  • An update on the “affordable online mastermind”…

#109: Master This Skill To Change Your Life [Podcast]

I was recently on the phone with someone, and they were talking. Something they said sparked a reaction in me, and I began thinking about how is going to respond. As they continue to talk, I constructed an elegant argument in my head to counter what they had just told me. Then they spoke words that struck fear into my heart: “Do you think I should’ve done that?” I had no idea what they were talking about.


You might think the skills and I’m urging you to master is listening. That is an effect of mastering this skill, but not the skill itself. Mastering this mysterious skill will make you a better listener, more focused, less distracted, and a better thinker. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • The best way to master your email challenge. If you feel overwhelmed by email, this one is for you.
  • A fun and exciting way to sharpen your mind.
  • What your life would look like if God wrote the script.
  • Now let’s get on with it…

#108: How to Have a Backpack Business [Podcast]

It occurred to me recently I often run my business from a backpack. In my backpack I carry my Nikon, some lenses, my iPad, and my MacBook air. If I can find an Internet connection, that’s about all I need to run my business from virtually anywhere.  In this episode, you get five essential keys to running a backpack business.


Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • I will share a seldom used function on your iPhone that can change your life.
  • Stu McLaren with the Lifestyle Business Report.
  • Now let’s get on with it…

My Recommended Reading List

I place a high value on reading. Leaders tend to be readers.   Mark Twain said, “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”  Below is my recommended reading list. These are some of the books I read and recommend.

Books collection

I say some of the books I recommend, because I estimate the number of books I have read to be in the thousands. There are many fine books that I have not yet added to this list, but I will be expanding it in the days to come. This should at least get you started.

#107: 5 Tricks To Get More Done In Less Time [Podcast]

Ever reach the end of a workday, and wonder where the hours went? Sometimes it seems there’s just too much to do, and not enough time to do it all. In this episode, I’ll share 5 “tricks” that will help you get more done in less time.


Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • I will share an app that helps you make great-looking  portraits on your iPhone.
  • Stu McLaren with the Lifestyle Business Report.
  • Now let’s get on with it…