How To Get Rid Of All The Paper In Your Life

Clear the Clutter, Go Paperless, and Live Free

When my Grandmother died, she left behind some clothes, a little furniture, and approximately one banker’s box full of papers, letters, birth certificates, and so forth. In my grandparent’s generation, the average person accumulated very little in the way of paper documents over their lifetime. Today it’s different. My wife and I receive, through the daily mail alone, more paper in a single month than my grandmother accumulated in her entire life.


A few days ago, I was moving a pile of papers from one place to another, so I could find a different piece of paper. I realized that I have paper hiding in file cabinets, desk drawers, closets, and boxes stored in my basement and garage (and at least a half dozen boxes stored in a warehouse in Indiana). Mounds of paper lurking in the shadows of my life.  This, I thought, has crossed into the borderland of insanity.

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#194: 5 Unconventional Times To Practice Thankfulness

How The Attitude Of Gratitude Makes You Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Maybe you’ve heard: giving thanks makes you feel happier and more fulfilled. There are at least 7 scientifically proven benefits to practicing the “attitude of gratitude”. And right now, as we enter the Thanksgiving Holiday season, the media is filled with heartwarming stories of all we should be thankful for.

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Today, I’m going to suggest you be thankful for the bad stuff. The challenges. The tragedies. The pain.

In today’s show, we’ll discover:

  • The shocking truth about suicide rates during the holidays.
  • The 3 dangers of “counting your blessings”.
  • The 7 scientifically proven benefits of  gratitude.
  • The 5 unconventional times to practice thankfulness.
  • How the attitude of gratitude makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  • Why you can be thankful for the trials, and not just through them.
  • Plus, I’ll share a tip for how to get your podcast ranked higher in iTunes, quick and easy.

Are You Missing Out On 80% Of Your Revenue Potential?

Yes, You Probably Are

Here’s a surprising business stat I heard from the brilliant Dean Jackson: 80% of customers make their first purchase from you 90 days after their first contact with your company. That’s too bad, because over 90% of marketers have stopped marketing to those customers by that time.


Read that again, carefully. You’re probably wasting 80% of your client value. Put another way: you’re only getting 20% of the money most people would give you if you bothered to ask for it.