#006: 7 Ways To Create Your Own Product In Less Than 24 Hours [Podcast]


Welcome to our “product creation” episode! This time around I'll share rapid product creation methods you can use to create your own product in a day or less.



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  • Convert your old VHS tapes to digital with iMemories, and your old cassettes to digital with Southtree

Spiritual Foundations

God's grace looks like SUPPLY…

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:19, NLT

Feature Story: 7 Ways To Create Your Own Product In Less Than 24 Hours

Product creation is easy!

  1. Writer: Type up a how-to.
  2. Interviewer: Interview an expert.
  3. Expert: Have someone interview you.
  4. Teacher: Teach something on video.
  5. Encourager: Make an audio recording.
  6. Researcher: Assemble information.
  7. Reporter: Document your experience.



I answered questions from these listeners:

  • Steve Hawk had nice things to say about me,
  • Shel Horowitz made a pitch for going green.
  • Fleetwood Gruvver wants Joomla themes.
  • Tom makes a point about mobile websites.
  • Christy Sales asks about “the long copy debate”.



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  • One of my favorite examples I’ve heard of lately for how to create a product is a combo of 4 and 7. It isn’t 24 hours but nevertheless, it is intriguing. It’s called “The Becoming Process”.
    I learned this from Chet Womack’s presentation at Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar. He talked about how his first product was a set of videos of him going from not even being able to approach his mom’s giant bird – to training it to do tricks. It was the documented process of him going from being clueless and getting attacked by the bird to becoming one step closer to being a bird whisperer and on the back of this training he has rolled this into a very nice business for himself.
    This “becoming” concept, for someone committed to putting together a product, takes away the biggest obstacle of, “What can I sell that will be of interest?”
    What Chet found when he looked for products on how to train his bird was that all of them were coming from the premise that the bird already loved you and didn’t want to bite your face off. This left the big gaping opening for him to step into for the people who were starting from zero like him. It also allowed him to address a much wider and profitable market – beginners.
    This is something I advise all my clients to be conscious of – who can they help more – people seeking wisdom (beginners) or people who have the knee-jerk response of “I know that already” (experts)?
    And what’s cool is that this “Becoming Process” carries over to any niche, and if it isn’t you “Becoming” you can document the process of someone you’re mentoring “Becoming”.

    •  @Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2 Great insight Lewis – thanks for sharing!

  • Lorene Collier Purcy

    Great info, I love listening to your podcast.

    •  @Lorene Collier Purcy Thanks Lorene!

    •  @Lorene Collier Purcy  Thank you very much!

  • Ray, thanks for the resource on converting tapes to audio. I recently needed to do this same thing for a move overseas. This would have been a great option…as it was I bought a product off of Amazon that did the converting, then turned around and sold it as a used unit and recouped $90 of my $112. So the out of pocket cost was minimal…of course I still had the time invested. But it worked great for what I needed. 
    Love the podcasts! 

    •  @dhammett  Nicely done, Doug. Glad you are enjoying the podcasts. It’s good to know someone besides me does. 🙂

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  • thank you so much for your really inspiring podcast. you put everything in the right perspective (hopefully i said this right) – well produced and exact the right topics for me in this phase of my business. also the way you do this is very motivating and convincing.
    i’m glad i have found your podcast through itunes (5 star review = done).
    cannot wait to listen to all of your episodes.
    kind regards from germany.