#014: How To Get Brilliant Ideas [Podcast]

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Ever wish you could get brilliant business ideas on demand? You can, and I'll show you 5 habits that make ideas happen.

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I do this show to help you build the business you dream of and live the life you deserve. I show people like you ideas on how to start and grow an online business you'll love for less than $100. The economy doesn't dictate your fate, the politicians won't save your bacon, it's up to entrepreneurs like you and me! Start a business… save the world!

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  • For distraction-free writing I use ByWord.

Feature Story: How To Get Brilliant Ideas

Ever feel like you need a brilliant idea – or ideas –  for your business, and tried to just “squeeze one out”? That's usually not the recipe for having brilliant ideas.

What if there was a way to come up with brilliant ideas on demand? Here are 5 habits you can cultivate that should help you generate more brilliant ideas than you know what to do with. While these habits don't instantly yield brilliant ideas like an “idea slot machine”, they are like cultivating fertile soil in which your brilliant ideas can take root and grow.  If you are simply reading this post, please note that you'll have to listen to the podcast to get the full explanation.

  1. Get plenty of sleep.
  2. Drink 64 ounces of water everyday.
  3. Exercise 30 minutes every day.
  4. Read a lot.
  5. Write a lot.

Listener Questions

  1. Richard Bell has a word of thanks.
  2. John Klein wants help promoting a seminar.
  3. Robert asks about having one site versus many sites.




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  • 3 of those 5 guidelines (water, exercise, and writing) are outstanding activities to including in a morning success ritual.
    Right now I’m about 45 days into a 90 day challenge where I’m I doing 75 ounces of water a day but within my first hour of being awake I’ve consumed 25 ounces while doing a breath practice and exercising (sometimes I include the reading step here by listening to an interview or other content focused on optimizing my mind/business).
    From here I roll into the next of the 3 which is writing centered around generating content or marketing focusing on the premise of “First things first, second things not at all,” for the first couple of time blocks of my day.
    And only after the highest and most profitable activities have been given proper attention will I move on to checking email, checking Twitter, etc. 
    Based on my experience, all 5 of these outlines are outstanding Ray and I trust anyone who listens to you talking about them and puts them to work will notice a massive shift in how resourceful they can be.
    On, a side note, if anyone is interested in doing EVEN MORE to stir up more ingenuity, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Eben Pagan’s “How To Be Creative and Innovative” product. I’ve paid attention to a TON of stuff on this topic and Eben came at this from a unique angle that makes common sense and is actionable. Eben goes nerd on this topic but he so conscious of making sure you can run with his advice that he always lands the plane and makes sure you’ve got what you need in order to produce successful concrete and tangible results. 

    •  @Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2 Great insights on this topic – and Eben’s training is always good!

  • MattVestrand

    My wife and I both work and have a 7 month old daughter.  In addition to that we moonlight as personal trainers and boot camp instructors.
    Needless to say we don’t get 8 hours of sleep a night. We’re lucky to get 7.  But 6 to 6.5 is more typical. 
    I have the 64 ounces of water, exercise, lots of reading, and writing down.  No problem there. 
    I wish we could get more sleep.  But one thing that really helps when you are tired is exercise.  I get my workout in at 5:00am every day and, even when dead tired, it invigorates me for the day.