#023: How To Make More Money Immediately [Podcast]

Sometimes all of our fancy business goals boil down to this: “I need more money.”

Get Paid What You're Worth

What do you do, when you need more money, immediately? That’s what today’s podcast is all about.

This Week’s Tips

Spiritual Foundations

God will deliver you from all your troubles, but deliverance is not the best that he has in store for you.

 “He shall deliver you in six troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall touch you.” Job 5:19

Feature Story: How To Make More Money Immediately

  1. First, get outside your comfort zone.
  2. Become physically active.
  3. Make a list.
  4. Be willing to do whatever it takes.

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10 thoughts on “#023: How To Make More Money Immediately [Podcast]

  1. The line “It’s never a matter of not knowing what to do.  It’s always a matter of not doing what you know” from today’s is immediately going up on my wall along with the statement “goals never fail, only implementation does.”

    •  @bestprac  Ray gave many a golden nugget here. Having both learned and talked with Tony Robbins over the decades (for me literally), it’s amazing how simple things can make a huge difference to your life — personally or professionally.
      I never heard of the four “ways people learn” til today. Important to speak to people in their method of learning best. So, hit all four in your communications, pitches, articles, sales messages. Powerful yet simple.
      All the best, BP!

        •  @netslingers12  @RayEdwards  @bestprac At the core of all Tony’s work is the encouragement to step into an empowering identity – to leave the idea of being “you” behind and embrace the fluid concept of “You-ing”, becoming a flexible person who embraces the unknown in pursuit of and ever evolving passion. 
          One of the ways he suggests we do this is via what he calls Class 2 Experiences which are defined as such . . .
          1. They don’t feel good.
          2. They are good for us.
          3. They are good for others.
          4. They serve the greater good.
          Most people are like the Hobbit who believes that “Adventures make you late for dinner” and this causes them to avoid Class 2 experiences which I believe directly contributes to the majority of people in society either being broke, out of shape, or lonely – even if they are surrounded by people . . .  or some variation of all three.
          So in my perspective one of keys to success is to see yourself as a person who continually puts themselves in situations where you’re going to be put on the spot to take action and perform.
          You want this to become something you just do. Period. You become the person who lusts after these Class 2 experiences.
          But most people can’t get themselves to do this because they know by doing this, they’re going to change. And even though it’s an old part of them that’s hindering them that is changing, they treat it as if it were precious heirloom they dare not let go of.
          The process of becoming “Not You” is more often than not an ugly process but this is the only way I know of to continually keep giving birth to the next bigger and better you.

  2. Great podcast Ray.  I’ve been riding a bike in the local state park on a regular basis.  Great advice and believe me folks I’m not the exercise type.