#030: How To Get Money From Your Brain [Podcast]

You don't have enough money, and I'm going to show you how to get it from the most unlikely place-your own brain! That's right, there is money inside your brain. The trick is knowing how to get it out of there.

Get Paid What You're Worth

There are two “games” you have to master if you want your brain to start producing money for you. Those two games are:

1. The “inner game” of money-getting
2. The “outer game” of money-getting

This may sound ridiculously obvious, but it is very important to master both of these games if you want to put an end to your cashflow quandary.

Let's tackle them one at a time.

The “Inner Game” of Money-Getting

The “inner game” refers to your core beliefs, attitudes, and emotions about the subject of money. This can go deeper than you think. Specifically, you want to examine:

  • Your beliefs about money and it's nature
  • Your beliefs about your own worthiness
  • “Incantations” you may use to reinforce your beliefs
  • Emotions tied to money

This “inner game”, when taken as a whole, serves as a kind of “thermostat” for your economic condition at any given time. We each have a “money setpoint”. It operates just like a thermostat. Go over the setpoint, and you will subconsciously adjust your income back to the setpoint. Dip below the setpoint, and you will begin to subconsciously do things that will bring your income back up to that level. The question you need to ponder: can I consciously readjust just my setpoint?

The “Outer Game” of Money-Getting

Once you have your “inner game” in order, and you're no longer driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes, you can begin to pay attention to the “outer game”. This refers to the external actions you must take to bring more money to your life.

The getting of money is a skill, and like any skill it can be acquired, improved, and refined. Most people spend about zero time doing any of these things.

There are so many ways to get money that the biggest problem in teaching you how to do it is choosing just one.

Information Marketing As a Money-Getting Method

Selling information, as I have proposed elsewhere, is absolutely the best business you can be in. It requires little to no capital expenditure to start a business selling information, there is little or no overhead, no employees required, and very little risk. Let's run with this idea.

The process, grossly simplified, for taking an idea (something inside your brain), externalizing it, and turning it into money, is something like this:

  • Identify a “market” (a specific group of people, similar in nature, who share a common set of needs, wants, and problems).
  • Identify a “pain point” shared by a large number of those people.
  • Match the “pain point” with information, talent, or skill that you already possess or can easily acquire.
  • Having acquired the information that relieves the pain your market is experiencing, turn that information into a salable form: audio, video, book, e-book, etc.
  • Create a website (using WordPress) that magnetically draws people to its front doorstep, compels them to surrender their contact information for free resources, and then markets to them on a sequential basis until they buy your information.
  • Spread the word about your fancy new website using search engine optimization, social media marketing, and yes -gasp! – even paid advertising.
  • Test relentlessly, improve ruthlessly, repeat endlessly.

It really is that simple.

Yes, there are details that perhaps you're unfamiliar with. Allowing yourself to get stuck in such questions as, “How do I identify the market? How do I do WordPress? What are social media marketing methods?” etc. is a dead-end and an excuse to avoid doing the actual work.

All that stuff is merely details. It can be figured out. It has been figured out by lesser people than you. Refuse to get mired in details. True entrepreneurs don't get stuck in that place. People who like to pretend they are entrepreneurs do.

If the previous statement upsets you, don't feel condemned or convicted by it. Merely change your behavior to match the outcome you really want.

The 30 Day Brain Money Challenge

I invite you to accept a challenge. The challenge is simple: in the next 30 days, starting today, do what is necessary to take an idea from your brain and turn it into money.

The challenge is no more complicated than that.

It is simple.

Of course, simple does not mean synonymous with “easy”.

But what if you did set your intention to get money out of your brain in the next 30 days? If you are already in the information marketing business, and you are already making a profit, what if you challenged your brain to produce more money than it ever has before? What might be the outcome of excepting such a challenge?

Spiritual Foundations

Be careful what you focus on – and especially avoid fear, anger, and confusion.

“…for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Special Announcements

I am very excited to be attending Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula Live event in Scottsdale, Arizona at the end of this month. The event will likely be sold out by the time this podcast is published. If you are attending, please make sure and contact me so we can connect at the event. I would really love to meet you there, and spend some time getting to know you.

I will also be speaking in Denver, Colorado, next month at the next JV Alert Live. I am very pleased to be sharing the stage with other great marketers including my friend Joel Comm and Rick Butts, Debbie Bermont, and others. This is a wonderful event at which to meet like-minded people, network, and find joint venture partners. You can register for the event using this link, and I would love to connect with you in Denver. If you do register using my link, please let me know. I am thinking about having a special get together just for people I have invited to the event. I would like to get a sense of how many people that may be.

Would you like to have me speak at your event? Click here to visit my speaking page and get details on my availability.

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Question: What is your action plan for getting money from your brain in the next 30 days? You can leave a comment below.


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  • My action plan is to start focusing TODAY on doing these things.
    1)  Make more money by developing new info products that help people solve their problems
    2)  Stop focusing on the “money” and focus more on really helping people
    3)  As the money comes in I’ll stop trying to horde it or use it only for selfish reasons, but let it flow to and from me knowing that it will be replenished.
    4)  Know the the more money I make the more good things I can do to help the world and myself with it.
    Very inspiring podcast (as usual).  Thanks Ray and please keep up the GOOD work!

    • @JohnZ28 Thank you very much John. I love your 30 day plan-and I think item number two is especially key to your success. Let us know how things are going!

  • Hi Ray,
     I really resonated with this podcast today. I find myself struggling more often than I should on issues of the inner life as you unpacked it today in a clear manner. I also have my challenges  in the technical aspects of the outer life. What you didn’t mention, which I would love to see you treat, is a matter of connecting the dots between the inner life and the outer life.   A resource I’m finding helpful  in making this connection is Steven Pressfield’s trilogy of books regarding overcoming “resistance”  (i.e. the “inner life” struggles). These books are “The War of Art,” “Do the Work,”  and “Turning Pro.” I would recommend them to your readers and listeners who are serious about the nature of doing battle in the realm of “the inner life.” Some of us might even call this “spiritual warfare.”
     In terms of your challenge of getting money from my brain in the next 30 days by plan is this. I will rewrite parts of my doctoral thesis from its academic form into a form that I can present to the public as an information product. I will put in place a plan to support this information product with a podcast where I interview people who  have successfully leveraged business success into supporting causes that endear their hearts.  The nature of my product will be helping people find and support a cause greater than themselves and do well in the process  (think Tom’s shoes  or Clinton Global Initiative).   This is a foundational piece  of my overall plan of following Hyatt’s process in “Platform” of developing my “wow” product. 
     Should you have a comment on my plan it would be appreciated. Otherwise thanks for the good podcast today and for the challenge.   I plan on seeing you in the spring at your Nashville event. 
    I prayed for you  today.
    Be well
    do good
    live great
    Robert Miller

    • @bestprac As usual, Robert, your comments are greatly appreciated. I’m very inspired by your 30 day plan, and I can’t wait to see where you take it!

  • Thank you Ray for another wonderful podcast!  I so appreciate your heart for God that shines through.  I agree with John when he said he wanted to stop focusing so much on making money, but on helping people. 
    My goals for the coming 30 days are to take some of the many ideas I have rolling around in my head and get them down into ebooks or membership sites.  As a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling my children (age 5-19) I sometimes find it hard to find balance between what God has placed on my heart for ministry/business, and the most important ministry to my family.
    But God equips those He calls…so I plug away!
    Thanks again Ray. I so appreciate you.
    Have a blessed day in the Lord.

    • @SheriG Thank you very much Sheri. I appreciate the encouragement.

  • JStuart

    Ray, thank you for another outstanding episode. The wealth of knowledge you have shared in these 30 episodes so far is incredible. The inner and outer game of money was very much on point I have been working with this for awhile now. I say awhile now because when you have been accustomed to doing things one way for so long, those bad habits don’t leave easily it’s a continuous process until the new behavior is second nature and I’m right at the threshold of crossing over.
    My 30 day challenge is to create a minimum of 3 information products. I was one of those with a ton of projects I started but never finished and I’ve made the decision to complete at least three of them and get them into the hands of those who can benefit from them.
    Thanks again Ray,

    • @JStuart James, I’m inspired by your 30 day challenge! Please let us know how it goes.

  • BrianMckenzie

    Game on;  In the next thirty days I will
    Quit looking for a publisher for the reams of poetry and self publish on the web – no more back burner dreams for that project
    I will finalize the Start Up application and website proof of concept for my medical consulting business plan
    I will launch and further develop my Russian Language and Cultural education program.
    See ya in thirty.

  • October 15th, found a niche that isn’t over saturated, but has a lot of interest, especially with new publicity given to it from some current t.v. shows on the topic. I am now working on a series of smaller books that I will format to Kindle that will lead into a larger, more detailed book on the topic that will have a kindle version as well as a physical book on the topic. Next study concentration is to inform myself in more detail on print on demand. This is the answer to the 30 day challenge.As for the new format, I really like it. Reminds me of when I was in college. Had an instructor that would pretty much teach right from his notes, so there was no missing anything. A suggestion though, because you are so detailed in the notes, it would be easy for someone to ‘borrow’ your info verbatim. You might put a disclaimer on here someone that gives people permission to use it, but they have to include a disclaimer of where they got it from or even a link to the original. More publicity for you.
    I also like the new voicemail button. Nice touch.

  • lamesa

    To borrow $10000 from you, that I will pay you in 6 months.