#078: How To Get Big Ideas On Demand [Podcast]

The pressure is on. You need to come up with big ideas for a client, or for your own business, or just to get yourself out of a problem. But being under the gun for a big idea is just the kind of environment that seems to stop the flow of said big ideas.


Today show is about how to get big ideas on demand.


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Spiritual Foundations

For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.
Romans 6:14

Feature Segment: How To Get Big Ideas On Demand

Ray’s Big Idea-Getting Formula:

  1. Clear your mind
  2. Clear your desk
  3. Turn off distractions
  4. Whiteboard it!
  5. Use a process (like Wisdom Thesis)
  6. Cross-pollinate
  7. Evaluate

For a complete description of the Wisdom Thesis, register for Friday’s webinar (WARNING: no replay).

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4 thoughts on “#078: How To Get Big Ideas On Demand [Podcast]

  1. I sometimes help with brainstorming sessions at work to get ideas flowing, the person running the session is critical, they either help or hinder everyone go through these steps. Allowing extroverts to dominate typically is a common hindrance to idea development.

  2. Thanks Ray for this great podcast episode! I really didn’t have a good way to come up with my best ideas. Now I have something new to try. It really makes sense to go about it like this.