#091: 10 Ways to Create More Content [Podcast]

When your blog is the cornerstone of your business (as it is for mine, and I recommend it be for yours), creating  enough content can be a challenge.


In today's episode, I will share 10 different ways you can create more content, more consistently, and more easily. Also on today's episode…

  • How to get my newly updated copywriting course for free.
  • How to become an apprentice and work directly for me.
  • An exciting new guide on how to form your own mastermind group.
  • Answer the question: why are Christians so cheap?
  • And the always award-winning, much much more.


  • I am updating my copywriting course… win free access with your comments between now and Christmas.
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  • Next week's show will be about what worked great for me in 2013, and what didn't work so well… and how you can directly benefit from some of my embarrassing admissions.
  • The return of listener questions! How to promote yourself on my show!

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Tip Of The Week

One of the most powerful things you can do to accelerate your success in 2014 is to form an intentional mastermind group.

Click here and take a look at Dan Miller's new course on how to do just that. It's worth 10 times the investment he's asking.

Spiritual Foundations

Give freely and become more wealthy;
be stingy and lose everything.” Proverbs 11:24

In a recent discussion, a couple of my friends brought up the fact that selling things to the Christian market is not a good idea. Christians, they said, are cheap. One brought up a statistic they heard from a retail bookstore owner, who said the number one category of books that are stolen our Christian books. Three questions:

  1. Is this true?
  2. If it's not true, why is it so widely believed?
  3. Either way, what should we do about it?

In the podcast, I give my answers to these questions.

Feature Segment:  10 Ways to Create More Content

The cornerstone of your online business is the creation of great content. But that creation is not always easy, especially if you have a goal of producing a lot of content consistently.

Here are 10 ways to produce more content, more consistently, and more easily. Especially when your ideas are running dry.

  1. See a movie. This can result in posts like “The Hobbit's Guide to Online Marketing” or even “What Ironman Can Teach You about List Building”.
  2. Tell a personal story. Make a list of the most exciting, shocking, or embarrassing stories that have happened to you. This list should give you the starting point for many a blog post.
  3. Be the interviewer. Pick the people you would most like to learn from, and set up interviews with them.
  4. Write a review. You can review a book, a training program, a seminar, software… Anything applicable to your audience. The more detail, the better.
  5. Publish a how to. We love tutorials, especially the granular, step-by-step kind.
  6. Ask your audience. Just ask what they would most like to hear from you about. Other great ways to phrase the question include: what's your biggest problem? What's holding you back? What your number one question?
  7. Curate some content. Simply collect and share links of your 10 favorite blog posts on subject X. Variations: “The 10 Best Posts On…”, “Four Distinctly Different Views About…”, “Seven Approaches To…”
  8. Case studies. They can be your clients, or they can be other companies. Talk about what they're doing right, why you think it's right, and summarize some takeaways.
  9. Opposite day. Make a list of your most popular posts, and ask yourself, “what if I took the opposite view on this?”
  10. Guest posts. Solicit for guest posts on your blog. Just make sure what they write will be interesting to your audience. But if they come from your audience, they most assuredly will be.

What To Do Now

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Question:  Which of these ideas can you put into practice and use today? Click here to leave your comments.

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  • Perfect timing Ray! This week I’ve been doing a lot of planning and preparing for the new year. A main focus is to be more consistent with high quality free content. The story list is something I will be using a lot.

  • Paolo_Sini


    first thing… I’ve never heard a such incredible nonsense about Christians, and I think it’s not true. I know lots of Christians that are very generous and buy all kind of stuff even the most expensive. I also know that maybe some Christians steal. The same is true for Jews, Muslims, Indians, Animists, and people of all religions. I think that stealing or being cheap can not be attributed on the basis of religious belief. These kind of “qualities” belong to the individual and not the group to which they belong. That that kind of statement might be offensive for the majority of US citizens. Taken from Wikipedia: “Christianity is the most popular religion in the United States, with around 73% of polled Americans identifying themselves as Christian in 2012”. I don’t think that 73% of US citizens are cheap. If that had been, the USA would not be the great nation that is.

    Creating more content has always been my Achilles’ heel.

    Not because I lack ideas but because sometimes I think that the topic I want to write about has been already discussed in all the possible ways and I decide to let it go.I know that I’m wrong. The proof is that sometimes it happens that after a few days I see a post on the same topic written by some famous blogger. Than I think: What a fool! I’m still trying to overcome this block using a trick.

    When an idea comes to my mind I jot it down on Evernote and I plan a post on my calendar. Than I write the post and publish it without waiting for the doubt assails me again. And it works.

    To find ideas I use some of the 10 ways you listed. What I like the most is writing reviews and how to articles. I like also the #1 See a moovie but I need a copywriter mind like yours to create great titles like “The Hobbit’s guide to….”.

    Other ways I use to find ideas are:

    – listen to podcasts;

    – read the books’ tables of content on Amazon;

    – using Quora to find questions people want to be answered.

    I’m sorry if I have dwelt.

  • I can put #10 in use today because I have an open invitation to post on someone’s blog that I will capitalize on and then ask them to guest post on mine, also I plan on doing #1 as it gives me an excuse to go see a movie with my wife. Thank you!

    • I agree about number one. My question is…does that make the movie a business expense? lol, a question for my accountant I suppose.

  • Kathleen Thompson

    Ray – This podcast was well-timed. I am starting a mastermind group right now, and have also made a list of possible blog post titles. I am going to add to that list with your suggestions, so that I don’t have that panicked feeling when it is time to write.
    Thanks for these tips, and the ever-popular much, much more! Best, Kathleen

  • I use most of these techniques, but . . . not as effectively as I should!

    I am most interested in the creating more content on the “how to” do something. Specifically, on the granular part. You didn’t say this, but I think delivering the content drip by drip, or grain by grain may actually increase my listener response.

    Your thoughts Ray?

  • These are great ideas. I’m going to use #2, “tell a personal story” to promote my new Christmas music project.

  • Asking our audience has been very helpful. A tip we picked up from Pat Flynn is to ask in our auto responder series. Email 4 or 5 that automatically goes out is… “What can we help you with?” We get fantastic ideas from the email.

    My “Post Ideas” in my Evernote just increased by doing some of the mind dump exercises you just recommended. Specifically the personal story and opposite day, (first I heard of that one)

  • 48DaysDan

    Ray – thanks so much for the shout out about my new Mastermind course on Udemy. Just one of many ways we all have to experiment with new ways of sharing our message. I love all the options. Great tips on building content. And yes, I think Christians in general have an “entitlement” mentality – partially correct in that we are blessed with so much through no efforts of our own, but then extended to expecting freebies where there should be an economic transaction.

  • Marshall Bone

    Great ideas in this podcast. I went back and watched one of my favorite movies with a new eye, looking for the business lessons. Lo and behold, guess what I found? A killer new post and a new way to watch movies.

  • Rich Grimshaw

    “Christians,” he said, “are cheap.”

    I don’t know that I’ve ever heard that generalization. It has the ring of sour grapes, uttered by the marketer who developed a product for the Christian consumer and was disappointed when they didn’t buy.

    For Christians who take their stewardship to heart, distributing their time and money among others is deeply personal and based more on soulful choices than economic ones. For Christians with a scarcity mentality, letting go of money and dismissing their cares and worries about it falls somewhere between uncomfortable and impossible. Faith has many dimensions. Some of the faithful have not developed that dimension that frees them from seeing money as their security.

  • Maybe you disabled it due to overwhelming response, but the “Send Voicemail” tab you mentioned in this podcast seems to be missing….

  • The idea that Christians don’t spend money – I can’t relate to it. Anyone who says that has never been to a good Christian conference – can you say back of the room book and tape sales? I’ve seen people who dine off the dollar menu all the way to and from the conference but cheerfully drop hundreds on recorded resources to take home and ‘dine on’ for spiritual food.

    Pinning a ‘cheap/frugal’ tag on any people group is just a way of copping out in my opinion.

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