100-Year-Old Internet Marketing Tool

phone.jpgThe Story: Your most effective marketing tool could be a 100-year-old technology.

The Point: To break through the clutter of online marketing, use a technology everyone is familiar with – the phone. It’s easier and more effective than you think!

The Resource: VoiceShot

3 Ways To Use the Phone to Grow Online Business:

1. Call potential Joint Venture Partners or Affiliates.
2. Call your previous customers to follow up.
3. Use voice broadcasting for mass communication.

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6 thoughts on “100-Year-Old Internet Marketing Tool

  1. Ray, Intesting thought that the telephone in this day and age might be good marketing tool. Looking through my recodrds I see that my customer base is worldwide. With the current cost of long distance calls and language/accent barriers It might be of more use to collect your customers IM details or preferably their skype details..

    Still the phone aspect is still food for thought!

  2. That’s true in some cases.

    But for most of us those key relationships could be worth tens-of-thousands of dollars.

    Would we really pass up those opportunities to save $5? Or even $20?

    In my experience, many people trip over dollars in an effort to save a dime. Not a great way to grow your business.

    You are right though in that it’s a global marketplace and sometimes those other options make good sense.

  3. Thanks Ray,, may i suggest that the links to the resources here at your blog open in a new window… i like to visit them but do not want to be taken from your site..

  4. I like that idea for voice broadcasting. Similar to an email just much more personal thru the human contact of the voice. There are some great services out there for this. Was researching this about six months ago.

    Have a point = respect their time. I always bulletize what I need to speak about just prior to the call.

    re calling previous customers, several months ago, I read thru the Church of the Customer ebook Creating Customer Evangelists. They detail just how very effective follow up calls can be. The ebook is really a compendium of case studies and testimonials. Good stuff. http://customerevangelists.typepad.com/

  5. I too agree with you Erickson, even I liked this way of broadcasting. Its really fantastic.

    I too came across a site Giblink which allows entrepreneurs and businesses to connect, to learn from each other, share ideas and strategies, and then help each other grow and succeed.