#102: 5 Reasons To Simplify [Podcast]

My “one word” for this year is: simplify. Why did I choose that word, and what does it mean to you?


In this episode, I will share five good reasons why you should consider simplifying, too. Also coming up…

  • How to write like Hemingway.
  • Stu McLaren with the Lifestyle Business Report.
  • The One Copywriting Rule That You Must Follow.
  • Now let's get on with it…


Conferences where I will be attending and/or speaking:

Tip Of The Week 

The app that helps you write like Hemingway.

Lifestyle Business Segment 

With Stu McLaren

Copywriting Corner

This week I share  “The One Copywriting Rule You Must Follow”. I explain how to use the Rule on today's show.

Spiritual Foundations

It's not necessary to debate people into the Kingdom.

“Christ is all in all.”— Colossians 3:11

In the end, a debate about salvation, the existence of God, or who Jesus is, will be fruitless. Only a direct revelation, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, brings people into the Kingdom.

And inside the church, all our focus on leadership programs, small groups, building programs, social justice, church growth initiatives, etc. miss the mark. We have,  when we focus on these things, abandon our first love. A good test: simply count the number of times a pastor (or a book, or teaching series) references the name Jesus.

“Christ is all I need. You can strip away everything else from me, and I would still be left with Christ. Take away my gifts and my ministry; take away signs and wonders; take away the sense of His presence; take away my ability to read; take away every spiritual and religious pursuit I have, and I will still have Christ. And having Him, I have everything.”
~  Jesus Manifesto by Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet

Feature Segment:  5 Good Reasons To Simplify

The word I chose to guide 2014 was simplify. In this episode, I explain why I chose it, and five reasons why you should consider simplifying too.

  1. Simplifying your possessions and give you clarity, energy, and peace.
  2. Complexity in any area of your life weighs you down.
  3. Simplicity is the best preparation for the future.
  4. Simplicity gives you the broadest range of choices in any decision.
  5. Simplicity creates margin.

In the episode I talk about my  journey toward simplification, where it will lead, and how you can benefit.

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Question:    Do you feel you would benefit from simplifying? How will you start? Click here to leave your comments.

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Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Kirk Bowman

    Hi Ray. Thanks for the explanation of free days. I remember you describing how you schedule them for the entire year in an earlier podcast in January. Creating margin to increase business success is so counter to worldly wisdom.

  • Daniel Hayes

    Hi Ray…I really enjoyed this episode! Dan Miller posted a link on his mastermind group site and I followed it here. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you a couple of times at both of the Platform Conferences and agin at NMX. I’l learned a lot from your sessions at the last Platform and at NMX. My wife Vanessa and I have a podcast all about simplifying called Simple Life Together, Leading a Simple Life in the Modern World. Since “simplify” is your word for the year, I’d like to personally invite you to have a listen to our show. It would feel great to be able to repay you in some small way for what I’ve learned from you along the way. Blessings…

  • Thanks for this Ray. I try to promote the idea of simplicity on my blog/podcast (Quality Living Made Simple). This episode is so pertinent that I am sharing this message with my audience.

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  • Simplicity has been my mantra for the last year and especially since I read “Insanely Simple” by Ken Segall. Steve Jobs was a master of simplicity and it’s amazing how much doing less helps push the ball forward.

    Thanks for the great podcast Ray!

  • Paolo_Sini

    Ray, I found this podcast particularly on time.
    I’m trying to simplify as much as I can, getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need anymore, and all the commitments that absorb most of my time with nothing in return.
    Simplify form me means also remove out of my head all the thoughts that create only chaos. I’m applying GTD methodology to free my mind and simplify my life. It really works.

    Yes, simplify is my one word too.

    I liked very much Stu’s section about the use of deadlines. Very useful.

  • Kathleen Thompson

    I too found this podcast quite timely. I have been in the process of simplifying for quite some time, and then find that I let complexity and “stuff” creep back. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to continue, Ray.