#108: How to Have a Backpack Business [Podcast]

It occurred to me recently I often run my business from a backpack. In my backpack I carry my Nikon, some lenses, my iPad, and my MacBook air. If I can find an Internet connection, that’s about all I need to run my business from virtually anywhere.  In this episode, you get five essential keys to running a backpack business.


Plus, here are some additional reasons to keep listening…

  • I will share a seldom used function on your iPhone that can change your life.
  • Stu McLaren with the Lifestyle Business Report.
  • Now let’s get on with it…


  •  I’m considering the formation of an affordable, entry-level Mastermind Group. This would be a true mastermind group, led by me, with personal interaction available. Would you be interested? Let me know in the comments on this post.

Tip Of The Week 

The  mysterious function on your iPhone that hardly anyone ever uses, but can dramatically improve your life. It’s called the “off” switch.

Lifestyle Business Segment 

With Stu McLaren

Spiritual Foundations

Usually, the reason we cannot hear God’s voice is we are too busy listening to other voices.

Feature Segment:  How to Have a Backpack Business

  1. Get a backpack (seriously.)
  2. Avoid limiting structures (like offices.)
  3. Become a hard-core simplitist.
  4.  Get a little help (but not too much.)
  5. Get out there and do something. Take your backpack.


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40 thoughts on “#108: How to Have a Backpack Business [Podcast]

  1. When your in Philadelphia…Consider yourself invited to the “Howe house’ for dinner. 🙂

    Loved the Spiritual Foundation thought this week. Sometimes like the Iphone you need to simple turn off all the other “voices”. (Need a mental switch for that) So glad you pointed people to “The WORD”. The way to grow your Faith and hear from GOD is being in His WORD! Paul makes it simple in Romans 10:17…”Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD”. …No voice, meditation meeting or anything will help you to hear from GOD or grow in your faith, except thru simple listening as you read…

    Tell me more about the mastermind group.

  2. Ray – I am interested in the mastermind group. How many people do you need to make it a reality? Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  3. Hmmm, a backpack business. The sound of that makes me salivate. I live with my backpack and have done so since college. Love the coffee shops and running a mobile business. A simpletest? Cool (but not a simpleton…)

  4. Ray, thanks for pointing me to Psalms. I go to Proverbs often to help keep me on the right path, but there are times I don’t feel like I am hearing God and feel unsure of the next step. I’ll work hard to quiet the other voices and search Psalms until I hear my voice. I believe this can be a real difference maker for me. Thank you!

  5. Hey Ray! You’re welcome at the Skiff home anytime you’re in the Louisville, KY area!
    By the way – the mastermind sounds awesome – I’m very interested.

  6. Hi Ray,
    I am impressed how you blend Christianity with business and it is one of the reasons I value your podcast. Your words of truth are spot on. That is how I desire to run my own business. Your offer to form a mastermind group is something I’m very interested in.

  7. Ray
    I am interested in a low cost mastermind group. Also, if you need admin help with it I’ve administered a couple in the past.

  8. I love this episode! That little function on the iPhone…so great. Another function I love is to turn it to airplane mode. You still have your camera, you can access your calender and Evernote but you will not get any incoming emails, phone calls, text etc. Best function ever! I too would be interested in the virtual mastermind group.

  9. My spritual-minded brother Ray! good post. I bought a laptop/hiking backpack, and always have water, some dried fruit and other long-life food, and my laptop, tucked inside.

    I also would like to know about the progress of a mastermind group, my fellow copywriter!