#116: Jeff Walker, Product Launch Formula, And A Life Of Grace [Podcast]

There is one online business teacher whose students have created over half a BILLION dollars in sales, using his methods. He also happens to be one of the most graceful people I know. Now, he has written a book that distills down the core elements of his training, and it's just been released.

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In this week's episode, I spend some time talking with my friend Jeff Walker about his new book, Launch (as of this writing, if you click here you can get the book for free… no joke.)


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Tip Of The Week 

I just got a new strap for my Nikon D5200 camera. It's actually a sling, called the BlackRapid RS-5.Black-Rapid-RS5

It attaches to the bottom of the camera, by screwing into the tripod mount. This makes for an easier way to carry the camera. I really like this strap so far, for the following reasons:

  • Fits over the shoulder, instead of looped around the back of your neck. This makes it more secure.
  • It's easier on my back and shoulders.
  • It helps me protect the lens from being accidentally banged into something.
  • The camera is ready to shoot in a split second.

Spiritual Foundations

Last year I was at a healing conference in Redding, California. Ironically I was in extraordinary levels of back pain. At one point in the conference, people began praying for one another, and I admitted to those around me I was in a great deal of pain. As they spoke God's word over my back, specifically “by His strips we are healed”, my back pain miraculously dranied away. I was healed!

A couple of years before that a friend of mine called to tell me goodbye. He had cancer and his doctor told him to say his goodbyes! I spoke God's grace and healing word over that situation, as did many others. My friend's cancer was healed!

When you speak God's word over your life and your situation, the entire universe bends to bring it about.

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
    it shall not return to me empty,
but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
    and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11

If the words you confess are God's words – and you confess them in faith – God will move to bring His word to pass! Sometimes we even forget words we confesses in faith long ago. But God does not forget!

Feature Segment:  Jeff Walker, Product Launch Formula, And A Life Of Grace

This week's show is an interview with Jeff Walker, author of the new book, Launch.

Resources mentioned in the interview with Jeff:


The Alchemist, by Paolo Coehlo

Launch, by Jeff Walker

What To Do Now

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  • What is the first resource I should pursue in preparation for launching my on-line business? Should it be a tool? Should it be an assistant or expert? Should it be software or a piece of hardware?

    • Well, first I would get Jeff’s book. Seriously! And then, I’d seek out someone who can mentor you or coach you through the process. This could be formal or informal. What I did was join the coaching program of two very successful online marketing experts, and let them guide me through the process. I also joined a mastermind group, and tried to make sure most of the other people in the group had more experience and success than me. The main thing is: get advice, but only from people who actually know what they’re talking about (ie, they have done it themselves).

      I still practice this in my own business. I recently bought Amy Porterfield’s Facebook coaching program, because she has a lot of experience in that area and I want to learn from the best!

      • I ordered my copy of Jeff’s book.

        As for the advice, thank you. I know I have so much to learn. A mentor, coaching program, and mastermind group would be very helpful.

        • Kathleen Thompson

          John, you might want to attend the Platform Conference. Ray speaks at it, as do other platform building experts. I went last year, and met so many inspiring people there. A few of us decided to form our own virtual mastermind group, which has been great for encouragement and idea-sharing. If you’re interested, you can check it out at http://www.platformconference.tv

          • Thanks for the great advice, Kathleen. I’m assuming you felt the price of Platform was worthwhile?

            The book sounds like a great idea, and I’d love to get into a mastermind group like yours.

          • Kathleen Thompson

            John, I thought the price for Platform was so worthwhile that I’m going back again this November.

          • Thanks for the encouragement.

            I need to be intentional with setting aside money for a conference like Platform. I can see how there is so much value in this kind of a thing. Maybe, we’ll meet at Platform some day.

  • Just ordered the book! Thanks gain for another great podcast. You are very encouraging to me, wish I had a Ray podcast every morning on my run! I am in the process of moving to Portland, OR with my wife and kids, you ever come down to speak or do focus groups? I would even drive a bit North too!

    • Thanks Paul… not sure I could manage to do a show every DAY… but I appreciate the words of affirmation. I do get over to Oregon every now and then.

  • Just finished listening to the podcast. I had already ordered the book through the email you sent and I have to say the videos that accompanied that deal were amazing! Can’t wait to learn more. Thank you for introducing him as I had not heard of him before. I can’t figure out how to change my iTunes name (think it says NMHW as short for No More Hamster Wheel) but I did put my name in there with my web site. You asked for an honest review and well, I couldn’t give you more than 5 stars 😉 Thank you for all the awesome content you bring each week!

  • I am really looking forward to learning from Jeff’s book. I did my first launch and didn’t make a single sale. I followed someone elses program. I’m curious if he breaks it down much more clearly.