#131: Interview With Podcast Answer Man Cliff Ravenscraft [Podcast]

This week I have my good friend Cliff Ravenscraft on the show – yes, the Podcast Answer Man himself will join us and we'll discuss the future of podcasting and what it means for those building a platform.


I know you were expecting Five Destructive Habits That Will Wreck Your Life, but this is a good programming change. Trust me. We have a BIG announcement, and I'll get you those Five Destructive Habits That Will Wreck Your Life in a couple of weeks!

Feature Presentation: Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man

An interview with the leader of Podcasting.

Click here to find the details about the live workshop Cliff and I are conducting in November.

Next Week: If You Don't Have Your Health…

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  • Nice job, Ray and Cliff. Love hearing your hearts of serving and giving. So key to experiencing true success in life and business.

  • Jamison Jones

    This is by far my favorite episode of the Ray Edwards show. Please do more like this.

    • Thanks Jamison! What made it your favorite?

      • Jamison Jones

        I loved hearing your story. I heard from you what was going on in your head while you were pursuing your business. Especially how you and Cliff and many of the others in your mastermind group came together. I knew you all were connected but didn’t know how it came to be. This gives me hope for my own business and relationships. There are things I believe God has placed on my heart to do, people to meet, etc. that seem next to impossible. I may be a barista right now but I’m a millionnaire on the inside. God will make a way as I obey and do what I CAN do. Thanks Ray.

        • Jamison Jones

          Btw, I listen to your podcast and others every Thursday as I stock.

          • Cool! Thanks for giving me insight into what worked for you about the episode.

  • Ray and Cliff great interview. I really appreciate both of you willingness to be transparent. It is so easy to see others success and think that is just happened overnight. I am encouraged by the back story.