2 Ways To Take Payments Without A Merchant Account

creditcards.jpgThe Story: For some people, the hardest thing about starting their online business is getting a merchant account.

The Point: There are at least 2 good ways anyone can take payments (via credit cards) without having a Merchant Account… and one way that makes getting a Merchant Account easy for 99% of people.

The Resource: The best Merchant Account for online Marketers.

3 Solutions To Your Payment Problem:

1. Clickbank.
2. Paypal.
3. PowerPay.
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  • Hi Ray,

    That was a great podcast on payment processors, I was unaware of powerpay, but I already use clickbank and paypal. I have had good luck so far, and I use them daily.

    Thanks for the tip on power pay!

    Best Wishes,
    Jeff Davis

  • You have some great resources here Ray thank you!

  • Howdy Ray,

    I’ve been a virtual card-carrying member of PayPal for ove rtwo years now and never leave my homepage without it.

    However, I never knew, until minutes ago, that I could accept payments from folks that didn’t have their own PayPal account.

    Proof positive that it pays to read the fine print…or inhale these bite-size info-packets from you – Gracias Amigo!

  • Ray Edwards

    Appreciate the positive feedback! Thanks!