#210: Is Self-Promotion Wrong For Christians?

It's another Faith Friday, and today we're tackling the question: as a Christian, is it wrong to promote yourself? If it is, what does that say about marketing and advertising?

These are questions that trouble thoughtful Christians.

I believe that you can get more clarity about the difference between marketing and self-promotion by remembering 5 keys from the life of Joseph.

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  1. Just because God reveals your destiny to you doesn't necessarily mean you need to share it with everyone.
  2. Promotion flows through God's Presence.
  3. Sometimes promotion lies on the other side of adversity.
  4. Promotion is always for the purpose of glorifying God.
  5. God will promote you only when it won't destroy you.

Whenever you get confused about the difference between marketing and self-promotion, remember these 5 keys from the life of Joseph.

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  • hello Ray,
    I am not “religious”, have studied many of the different versions, found good in every one. It is up to us how we ant to live. We can look for the good stuff in life or suffer with the bad.
    I like the word God, was brought up with it and it suits me.
    I love the way you comment in a neutral way,” for interest’s sake” type of conversation, while I have my lunch on a friday, so I have been listening for a couple or three weeks and want to thank you for letting me enjoy your program and my lunch. m
    Many thanks love and Blessings

  • Thanks for this, Ray! I’ve always been inspired by Joseph’s life — his is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.

    I appreciate your insights on the faith/work connection—that they ARE connected, first…and sorting out the ways our faith impacts our work. As a Christian re-entering the marketplace, it’s so encouraging to hear those like you who tying the two together so well.

  • Ray,
    Thank you for continuing the Faith Friday episodes. I will be looking forward to all future Faith Friday commentaries.
    Kind Regards,

  • Ray, good thoughts as always. Something I’ve always thought about but never knew where to turn to get the answers. I’d be interested to hear if you come up with a principal to delineate why some levels of self-promotion seem “icky” while others do not.

  • Ray,
    I loved this episode. Though I’m very familiar with these passages and have spoken on them myself, I’ve NEVER thought about the maturation in Joseph’s handling of his gift. Very insightful. Thank you from a friend.

  • Great podcast and info on the life of Joseph and how he changed from self-promotion to others promoting him. But how do we put it all into practice, to avoid the over-the-top promoting of the world and instead do the right sort of marketing and promotion to sell what we have to offer, when we have something of value to offer?