#233: Cliff Ravenscraft, “I Am Not Spock”

[guestpost]Note: This episode is the second half of my conversation with Cliff Ravenscraft, aka The Podcast Answer Man. You can listen to Part One by clicking here.[/guestpost]

Cliff Ravenscraft is the king of helping people start their own podcast. He's helped thousands of people do it. But wait – there's more…

This is fascinating conversation ended up being so far-ranging, we had to make it two episodes. We'll discover…

  • Why typecasting is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • How the musical Hamilton changed Cliff's life – and so many others.
  • The nature of ambition, service, and selfishness.
  • And so much more!

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Wow – what a lot of links we mentioned. I think I got most of them.

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  • Great episode with both of you sharing so much. It is amazing to hear Cliff talk about his “Rock Star” status. I picked up he was shy when I met him at Coaching With Excellence in February. It was an honor to meet both of you there and get your book!

  • This is so real Ray, you and Cliff have great chemistry and complement each other considerably. I actually played both of these episodes while I worked alone on our church’s video and streaming. I needed audio to play over the P.A. so I plugged my phone into the mixer! You had the ears of a half dozen volunteers in the church!

    I am really encouraged about your open chat concerning the Lord. The more I drive my family to live based on Biblical standards, the more Grace appears to cover our lives.

    In making Ray Edwards a part of my week and by also listening to Cliff Ravenscraft and Michael Hyatt, my career modification is starting to come to fruition.

    Thank you for sharing this two part episode and for all of your podcasts. This gives me strength to encourage and do for others, grow in my faith knowing God is at my side, and to live a healthy life with a balance between work, family, wife (soulmate), and Christian entertainment!

    Pray you have a safe and blessed Memorial Day 2016