#235 How to Start Your Online Business

So how exactly do you start your online business…

  • A business based on what you know.
  • A business based on what you enjoy.
  • …a Wisdom Enterprise!

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Spiritual Foundations

What Does It Mean To Walk In Your Integrity in Business

“As for me I will walk in my integrity, redeem me and be merciful to me.”
(Psalm 26:11, NLT)

Discover what it means to YOU to walk in your own integrity and you will find redemption and mercy.

Tip of the Week

The Apple iPad Pro, with the smart keyboard cover and pencil!

  • The iPad finally feels like a note taking platform. The pro used with the pencil, you can take notes, draw diagrams, etc.
  • Keyboard Cover is quite good! You can do just about anything that a computer can do with this addition to the iPad.

Feature Segment: How To Start Your Online Business

10 Steps to Start Your Online Business Based on Wisdom & Experience

  1. Identify your unique wisdom premise.
  2. Know your perfect customer well.
  3. Craft your value proposition.
  4. Create an orientation process.
  5. Remove the friction.
  6. Form strategic partnerships.
  7. Be the client you want to have.
  8. Develop your unique wisdom talk.
  9. Leverage digital media to build an email list.
  10. Make an offer.
You can't make a sale unless you make a clear offer.Click To Tweet

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Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • I am really looking something great to fulfill my my dream.Then,let’s move on.

  • David Powers

    It’s not as easy and simple to build an online business, as some would have you think.

    It’s all well and good if you have knowledge or know something people will pay for. If you’re like me and don’t have that, it’s next impossible.

  • Tip # 7 is my favorite. I love that idea of being the client I want to serve. Thanks for these great tips!

  • Bruce

    Gotta love those Packleds!

  • Ray, you have given me fresh insight and helped me identify a couple things that have held me back this morning! I’ve long had problems with trust issues online, worried about how to identify who it’s safe to give my attention to; I know that’s a big part of the overwhelm I’ve struggled with. Thanks for some key things you mentioned today, now it’s time to really look at what’s behind that. You talked about Pop-ups being a form of manipulation, even though they convert well. Spiritual integrity speaks to my heart and I’m grateful to now know why I never unsubscribed or gave up checking your emails…thanks for not giving up on sending them… this one mattered more than I expected. I’ll definitely be “paying attention”.

  • Ray – thanks for the info on the iPad and Keyboard Cover. I’m curious about something related. What is your “on the road working” computer setup and how does it connect to your “at home working” setup. For example, another marketer I follow tells me ALL of his stuff is on a 13 inch MacBook Pro. While at home, he plugs it into a 27 inch Thunderbolt screen. When on the road, he uses a Roost Stand and the Magic Keyboard & Magic Trackpad. Do you do something similar, or do you have your work data split between the laptop and a desktop? How do you have access to everything you might need while traveling? Thanks.

  • Glenys

    Hi Ray, Just listened to the Start My Online Business podcast. Thank you so much for the 10 points and it is interesting that I like 90% of new business owners/operators, the idea that little old me has something worthwhile and salable has been a sticking point. Thank you particularly for encouraging me to keep moving forward with my idea. One day very soon I will be up and running my online business. Yay!

    Thanks again

  • Great show! Very, helpful and inspiring!

  • Mark

    I am curious about your viewpoint of the IPad. What is the reason you use it rather than Microsoft products. It seems that several of the people whose blogs and podcasts that I follow are Apple enthusiasts. I have been using a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet now for several years, it does all of the things that you were talking about (keyboard cover, stylus to write and draw on screen, etc.), and didn’t require any additional apps. It syncs with my phone and laptop (which I no longer use). I have been using this tablet for my one and only computer for a year or so now. I use it in my office, as I travel, in my truck and at home. I understand your excitement regarding the use of the ‘tool’. I love tools. Like I said before…just curious.