#238 Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

On today's show, we'll explore how to use the most powerful website you don't understand – LinkedIn! Our special guest is John Nemo.

Since 2012, John Nemo has helped hundreds of Business Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Small Business Owners, Sales and Business Development Executives use LinkedIn to generate more business for themselves. Today he will help you!

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Feature Segment: Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

On this episode you'll hear:

    • The crazy but amazing story of how, in 2012, John quit his day job and built an entirely new business from scratch using ONLY LinkedIn.
    • Why LinkedIn is so much more than just a “job seeker” type platform, and why it can't seem to escape that outdated narrative.
    • What you are missing out on by ignoring or underestimating this platform right now – especially if you're NOT looking for a job.
    • Why LinkedIn is the single BEST place online right now to find more sales leads and customers (especially if you're a small business owner, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, trainer, or sales professional.
    • The shocking truth: 99 percent of people are using LinkedIn the wrong way. How to stop doing that.
    • The “One Sentence Your LinkedIn Profile MUST Have” … learn exactly what the sentence is, and how to start using it today.
    • The process to use, if you're a small business owner, consultant, or coach, and want to generate some new business on LinkedIn. (John explains EXACTLY how to make that happen.)
    • How to balance the “personal vs. professional” side of things on LinkedIn. Why it's important you have both, and in the right proportions.

John is making a special, free training available just for listeners of The Ray Edwards Show, and you can get your free gifts by clicking here: LinkedInRiches.com/ray

Check out Ray's “Nemo-fied” LinkedIn profile.

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Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Stephanie

    Fantastic information. I do write my profiles and info in the first persons, I sometimes would wonder if that was to best way to do it, you just told me it is. I also thought of a young lady who is a copywriter who could help me make me sound even better than I am but this podcast and your links will definitely help jump start her business. I share Christ in my business too. Keep up the God work.

    • Love this Stephanie, thanks for the awesome feedback and glad you enjoyed the show … and more important glad to hear you love Jesus too! 🙂

  • This is a worthy interview. The response to the listener’s opinion in the beginning almost made me stop listening, believing it was not the correct episode. (Religion and communication with God are separate in my world)
    Appreciate your knowledge and perseverance John Nemo ! Thanks Ray.
    May All reading this find contentment, stability and health 🙂

    • thanks Yenalem for the thoughts and glad you enjoyed the interview!

  • Enjoyed this Ray. Snagged a copy of John’s book too. Great work.

    • Great connecting with you as well, Jeff and glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  • Julie

    I really enjoyed this podcast. John was a very strategic thinker to utilize LinkedIn for consulting the way he did – quite impressive. I’ve been on LinkedIn since its early days and have done well in creating a professional contact list in my field. While I am anxious to change to the “services offered” angle, I am still gainfully employed while I ramp up my coaching business. I would very much be interested in hearing how one transitions near retirement without burning any bridges!! Thanks again.

    • Thanks so much Julie and glad you enjoyed it!

  • I like the way you debunk that critic’s assumptions, Ray. You are respectful but direct. Thanks for being a good role model for Christians in the marketplace. Non-believers are often filled with half-truths and misguided assumptions and know nothing of grace, but you handled his ignorance well.

  • Hi! I very much enjoy your podcast. Thank you for all your work on it. The spiritual foundations section provoked my comment today. I do not identify Christian but am very spiritual and studied religions during my undergraduate degree. I took a special interest in Islam and Mormonism (!).

    There are so many business podcasts I can choose from and I consistently return to yours. As far as I can pinpoint there are three reasons for this: 1) I consider myself a heart centered entrepreneur and appreciate your openness about your spirituality. I feel a closer connection and trust to your content as a result. 2) You do not strictly tow the “party line” when it comes to Christianity. Or rather you’re an independent thinker about your faith. I think for me as a non Christian but someone who has studied scripture in an academic sense I find the commentary engaging. All stories in cultures and religions have valuable lessons/ethics that can provoke valuable thought and dialogue. 3) I can’t count the number of times the Star Trek and other Sci fi/Fantasy references you guys make that I laugh out loud about.

    Oh and it doesn’t hurt that I recently found out you are in Spokane! I’m in a little town south of you: Palouse. Thank you again!

  • I thank you ,being accepted is really great ,hope to get the best work out of the copy-writing Academy ,lots of great stuff has to be set up ,i would say simpler ways ,in my opinion often points of weakness on internet working come from complexity ,
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  • Thank you for the great insight on leveraging Linked In! It’s been a mystery to me. I’ve used it, but poorly. I’m excited to revamp my Linked In presence with the help of John’s book, but when I follow the link provided for the free copy, there’s no way to get it. Is the “very limited time” over already?

    Also, Ray, thank you for standing boldly for Christ. I appreciate businessmen who aren’t afraid to let their faith be known.

    Blessings to you.