The Ethical Side Hustle

Is it ethical, or even possible, to have a full-time job and also build a business on the side?

This is a big deal for a lot of people who want to pursue their own business without throwing their family into financial chaos by quitting their job. If you’ve wondered about how to honorably engage in a side hustle, then this episode is just for you.

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Feature Segment: “The Ethical Side Hustle”

My guest this week is Mark Mason from the Late Night Internet Marketing podcast. I’m honored to call Mark my friend, and the more I get to know him, the more I respect him and the vital work he’s doing.

    • Here are some highlights from our interview:
    • Why Sean Edwards is like a human hand grenade (5:45)
    • The value of being a “Yuck Monkey” (6:30)
    • What exactly is Late Night Internet Marketing? (6:50)
    • The core belief of the side hustle (8:10)
    • Do you have to hate your job to have a side hustle? (9:10)
    • The best way to start a side hustle (11:05)
    • The epiphany that changed everything (15:15)
    • Running a side hustle requires some life hacks (17:25)
    • Stay away from the “fluff” (18:01)
    • The Free Content Formula (19:35)
    • How to succeed through the struggle (22:08)
    • Wisely navigating the waters between your day job and your side hustle (25:01)
    • Side hustling with a family (27:11)
    • Finding the time for your side hustle (28:52)
    • The Mother of all Jingles (30:29)

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  • Agree character will define your long term success. Thinking re aff marketing… did get the dreaded goog slap once (revealing how to avoid will be helpful.) Next time your stuck in sweltering traffic while backed up commuting to work imagine being in a place where this doesn’t happen ever again. Marks jingle hits the nail on the head. ” Step out of your comfort zone “. What would you get done if you didn’t watch TV for 6 months? Imagine reading, doing, failing, struggling each day to one day waking up to miracle of online sales? Careful what you wish for right (hehehe)? Thinking one secrete is to help others like Mark shares re value content. The strangest of things will happen when you help others succeed! Great insight Mark via Ray!

    • Thanks Mark (Yurik), for those thoughtful words.

  • Julie Bennett

    I’d like to read your article, I really would. But that word “Hustle” is so darn over used lately to the point I cannot bring myself to and I am starting to unsub from anyone using the word or promote hustle – it’s basically clickbait and unconscious marketing. And you used it 9 times in this post alone. Doesn’t anyone these days take a moment to step back and ask themselves the meaning of the word? The inference? The energy behind it? It’s force, coersion, prostitution. Look up “hustle meaning” and consider – is this really how you want to gain business? Is this how you are educating your clients to build a biz? And can you really use the words ethical and hustle in the same sentence and keep a straight face? I know I know, it’s the trend, everyone is using it, saying it, glorifying it… and I mean just about EVERYONE. It clogs my inbox daily and every time I see it I lose a little bit of respect for the sender… and unsubscribe. I also know that people don’t really “mean it that way” but it doesn’t matter – words have energy and language is powerful – and this word or action isn’t going to help anyone in the long term.. it’s not sustainable and it feels icky. I am all for hard work, putting in time, effort, focus, action to build a biz and be successful. I just happen to believe there are healthier, more productive and more ethical ways to do it. Create a great product, be genuine, build relationships, communicate ethically, do the ‘inner work’ to be successful – and you won’t need to “HUSTLE” anybody… they will be lining up at your door to do biz with you… especially as you’ll stand out as one of the rare ones. Sigh. I guess Hustle is good for SEO these days… Internet marketing can be incredibly powerful, but that doesn’t always mean it’s good. It’s just promoting unhealthy and unsavory ways to promote and sell. Ray, there have got to be better ways to “sell” or endorse hard work and side gigs than being “salesy” and a “hustler” (aka aggressive/pimp). I’m hoping this fad will pass and the real, genuine promoters of hard work and business will be recognized and rewards as such. OK off my soapbox now. Happy New Year! And I truly hope you find a way to succeed without having to resort to hustling.

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