3 Books Every Marketer Should Read

This is the last (at least for a while) of my “recommended books” videos. Today: 3 books every marketer should own and read.

Your turn. What are your favorite MARKETING books?

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Thanks for sharing. I used to have both of the Jay Abraham books you mentioned. I need to look and see if I still have them. One other book I would recommend is “Free Marketing 101 Low and No Cost Ways to Grow Your Business” by Jim Cockrum.

  • Good stuff RE. Haven’t read any of those, but will begin to acquire and add to my library. I’ve listened to Jay Abraham on tape and know he is what you say….a marketing genius. His bank account and business clients also prove that. Blessings to you, and yours. George

  • Great post Ray! I have all 3 and need to go back and re-read 22 Laws & Jay Abraham. Perry Marshall’s book is fascinating. I’ve been reading it this year. His work is so profound and deep that I’ll need to re-read it as soon as I finish it. He has some really neat ways of applying the 80/20 principle to marketing that everyone needs to read. While I realize you’ve already covered copywriting books, I need to recommend one more since the subject is huge part of marketing. It’s by a guy named Ray Edwards and called How to Write Copy That Sells: The Step-By-Step System for More Sales, to More Customers, More Often. This book is a must read. And no I’m not a plant for the author. I actually own the book.

  • ken


    The three v-blogs on book recommendations were excellent. I’m a big reader but haven’t read any of the three you recommended on marketing. I’m building my platform so will certainly be reading the ones you recommended.

    thanks for the good work and for the way you relate your life and work to your faith. It’s refreshing. Nothing pompous about it; nothing “preachy;” nothing dogmatic. But clear, compelling and refreshing. From a fellow “traveler” – thanks!

  • Great recommendations and feedback as always. Jay Abraham is in a class of his own and I LOVED the 80/20 book by Perry Marshall! Keep up the great work!!

  • I just ordered the Abrahams book. Thanks! It sounds like my way of thinking.

    The Money-Making Secrets book is about $100 now. I’m guessing you got your $400 worth.

  • Karen

    My question is,how or where can I find these 3 main books at and where in the world can I get my hands on the last book you showed that no longer is available at this time,lol??? I’m wanting to start learning about marketing and I know absolutely nothing about it at all and I love to read and I know they could help me at being an affiliate marketing with great products and as I said,I know nothing about the marketing or how to get started and need to just gain more knowledge and these are a must have for me!!!

  • Looking good for an ex radio guy!

  • Ray,

    Top notch recommendations. I hadn’t read that Jay A book yet, but I’ve got a stack of others he’s written. Such a great marketer and writer. I really enjoy reading his books.

    I would recommend this book in light of marketing on the internet: Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

    The book blew my mind away. Simple ideas about topics I kind of knew about but didn’t really understand. This book helped me ‘see the light’. May God bless your work, Ray. Thanks!

  • Great suggestions. I am studio engineer, musician and hitting producer that has not scored big money yet, But I got the Jay Abraham’s book last year ( …Getting everything you can…) so thank you I will dust it off and start really reading it now !

  • Kristi

    Great advice. Thank you! Had two, bought the other two, too…..(couldn’t resist). Grabbed a copy of Abraham’s “Money-making secrets…” for <$100, so quite pleased.
    Had never heard of "The 22 Laws…." I finished writing a book last year and have done nothing–NOTHING!–to market it or the one I finished 3 years ago. This will definitely be the needed boot and boost to kickstart the marketing.
    Thank you.

  • Ray,

    Great recommendations and a useful reminder for me. In particular, the Jay Abraham “Getting Everything…” book is a GREAT resource for any copywriter or marketer. It’s probably the best primer on the direct response model that I’ve come across.

    The Ries & Trout book is also excellent. Indeed anything from those 2 is worthwhile. Their “signature” work (“Positioning”) is well worth a read as is “Differentiate or Die”.

    The Perry Marshall book is a real eye-opener and wish I’d read it years ago!

    Thanks for an informative post.

  • Although some may disagree with my first choice, I learned from this book how to treat others, how to conduct business with integrity and how to attract the kind of people I want to work with:

    1) The Bible, God
    2) Selling the Invisible, Henry Beckwith
    3) Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Charles Mackay

  • Is there somewhere where you list these books? Once the video is over, I have to go back and watch when I have a pencil and paper to get the names, which means I have to either stop what I’m doing or keep the email in my mailbox (otherwise it’ll get lost in my file cabinet). Thanks for these videos, I enjoy the way they’re done.