3 Questions To Ask When Faced With a Problem

Sometimes when we encounter a problem, especially in business, we ask the wrong questions. We ask questions that diminish our ability to overcome the adversity we face. We ask…

  • “Why didn’t I see this coming?”
  • “Who is to blame?”
  • “Why does this always happen to me?”

More than likely those questions are not going to help us access our best personal resources for dealing with the problem we’re facing. Here are 3 questions that will:

  1. “What’s good about this?”
  2. “What valuable lesson can we learn from this?”
  3. “What opportunities might this create?”

If you have some empowering questions of  your own, share them in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “3 Questions To Ask When Faced With a Problem

  1. I love this post!!!! The second set of questions should be on a T-shirt… They are what we need to consider in all challenges, personal as well as business. Thanks for this! I already shared it with some people who really need it today!

  2. Good post Ray,

    I have been warming up to your daily posts for quite some time. You provide good information and you don't try to sell me stuff. I appreciate that. Keep up the good work. I suspect we will do business sometime down the road.