3 Steps to Start Your Online Business

Building your own business online is really not complex. In fact, there are only 3 steps to getting your own business going – or if you're already in business, to get it GROWING.

In the new video I just made for you, I'll help you cut through all the clutter and confusion. I'll show you the 3 steps, and why it really is just that simple.

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[reminder]Which of the 3 steps do you need to focus on right now?[/reminder]

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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Grow Your Business

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  • Dean

    Great clip Ray. I need to focus on steps 1 and 2. Packaging the passion and then promoting the product. Step 3 is easy.

  • Very valuable informations in all three videos, Ray!

    I’m glad to learn that we will get more often this knowledge from you. Keep making videos, you are doing awesome 🙂

  • Jay

    All three of them!

  • Loving these videos Ray, keep em coming.

    When in the “packaging your passion” phase, one thing I’ve used to get laser-targeted feedback and product ideas is taking people out for coffee and asking them about their biggest challenges in the topic area.

    For anyone who hasn’t done it, you’d be surprised how much they’ll tell you just because you took the time to listen (oh, and coffee 🙂 ).

    And if you don’t have a list, taking a small sample of your “soon-to-be” audience out for coffee is a great shortcut to find out they want the most so your efforts in Step 2 are more powerful and effective.

  • Enjoying the content you are producing and getting genuine value from listening to your advice.

  • Love the content, but find a new background. I expected the door to have a featured role in your message! Thanks!

  • Janet

    Thanks Ray for the encouragement to advance in the right areas. Needed the three steps. I am going to watch the other podcasts you sent me. These are good.

  • marketing realestate and agribusiness in the world

  • JP

    Hi Ray. I love your videos! Keep them coming! I really appreciate your help and guidance. Simplifying these types of things is what a lot of people really need. You’re a blessing. God Bless You and I look forward to meeting you someday.

  • Thanks Ray. I always enjoy the content of your message and your encouragement.

  • Keep doing them!

  • Julie

    Inspiring! Thank you.

  • Thanks Ray, I particularly like the tone of these short videos. I certainly need to stop learning about step 2 and focus on step 1.

  • Ray – what an encouraging video – thanks so much. I love the “prosper with purpose” message. Looking forward to attending your writing workshop in Nashville to hang out with cool people while I learn how to take my business to the next level.

  • Thank you, Ray,It was an
    interesting subject,

  • Gregg.

    Fantastic Ray! Prosper with purpose,

  • john payne

    too basic for me-just giving you the honest feedback you want.
    but it’s good stuff for many,

  • Ray, I have followed and listened to you for several months and greatly respect you and your purpose for your business. Love the prosper with a purpose as #3. You are authentic which resonates well with so many people and me. After speaking across the U.S. the last five years on the topic of personal finance to 18-27 year olds, I am about to launch a platform and course that teaches and coaches young millennials how to manage money better so they can begin to live a life that fits their dreams and to have more impact on others and more purpose for their life. Appreciate your content and what you do. Keep the videos coming.

  • Peter Brodie

    I really liked your delivery as well as your message, Ray. Thanks so much!

  • Lori

    I am LOVING the videos!

    I am requesting that you begin to renew your transcripts of all your media: podcasts, videos, etc. Everybody responds to something different, and for me, personally, transcripts are the most “portable”. They always say “…coming soon…”

    Great job, Ray! You have inspired many!

  • Kay

    Appreciate your sharing, Ray! It always helps to be reminded of the simlicity of passion, process and purpose in starting a business. We are starting another business and I was thankful for this renewed perspective. I can always count on you for solid advice.

  • Sheri Berke

    The short video is great – simple and to the point. I also appreciate knowing there are resources available to build anything!

  • Al

    Thanks for the video Ray. It’s nice to hear from those who have traveled the path and are helping others get there!

    Much Appreciated!


  • I’m glad you pointed out that you have to be able to actually sell something too – so many people say “just follow your passion”, but they don’t mention that people need to buy something associated!

    Luckily being passionate about creative writing means there is a built-in audience of people who consume the end product!


    How to Package my passion..
    And learn more to promote my product.

  • Brian

    Thank you for the information again Ray.

  • Kris Pavone

    Great stuff as always Ray!

  • Ray, thank you for your commitment to helping us find ways to find our voice in the online world. You always provide valuable content. This is exactly what I needed to hear to keep pushing forward. And to quiet some of the negative self-talk thoughts that appears from time to time.

  • This video is so good, I actually stopped to write these points down.

  • Ray,
    Thank you for posting these videos! The format is great. I enjoy the short, concise formats packed with solid encouragement and information. Your simple, warm, yet profound communication style coupled with practical, wise content works for real life! Keep up the great work, the world needs the messages implanted on your heart.
    Jodie Vee