3 Ways Audio Boosts Conversions

upgraph.jpgThe Story: Audio has proven itself to be a “ninja weapon” for boosting conversions when used properly in your marketing.

The Point: Spend an hour adding audio to key parts of your website and watch conversions soar.

The Resource: AudioGenerator

3 Places to Use Audio For Better Conversions:

1. Squeeze Page
2. Sales Page (in the Guarantee!).
3. Order Page.
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  • CJ

    Your audio sound is **so** much better than what is the AudioGenerator page. Yours has a deeper, rich tone while their’s is a bit tinny.

    What do you do to make it better?

  • Ray Edwards

    You can get the same quality using AudioGenerator… just upload an MP3 file (just use a good microphone). Sounds every bit as good. Try it!

  • This is a great tip. I have both a squeeze page and a sales letter where I could easily add audio. If you hadn’t recommended it, I wouldn’t have made it autoplay! (I use Clickbank for my order page and wouldn’t be able to add audio there.)

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Ray Edwards

      Remember that I recommend using push-to-play on the sales page itself.