3 Ways To Grow Your Business: 21 Small Business Profit Boosters (#21)

nosignal.jpgThe Story: It's not necessary to get into complex theories or ideas about how to grow your business, because there are only three ways to do it.

The Point: To get a surge in business, pick one of the 3 ways and do it with intense focus for 7 days.

3 Ways To Grow Your Business:

1. Get new customers.
2. Get your customers to pay more per purchase.
3. Get your customers to buy more frequently.

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  • MarkClayson

    That is succinct and to the point! The aims are straightforward but the implementation is the thing that causes people problems. People often do not know how to get new customers or end up looking for the wrong types. Or they don't know how to make their site / product / service more “sticky”

    In the UK, I had a friend that owned a “Fish and Chip Shop”. He took it over from someone who could not sustain the business. The first thing he did (apart from clean up the place) was to almost double the prices. The customers came in droves and the business was transfiormed.

    • Proves the point wonderfully! Thanks for dropping by Mark!

  • hahahaha, great stuff Ray! I've heard it time and time again but it never changes, never gets old, and it is THE way to grow more business. Thanks dude.

    • Don't mention it — the fundamentals are important.

      It's interesting how often we forget them.