4 Hour Workweek Experiment Video

Okay, we're not living the “4 Hour Workweek” yet.

But… we are taking Tim Ferris's recommended “mini retirement” (taking your retirement now… while you're still healthy enough to enjoy it).

We're just into the third day here in Sedona, Arizona.

So far, the schedule seems to be: I work for about 5 hours in the morning, and then we go do cool stuff the rest of the day. Today we went for a hike and went to a cool Chapel up on a mountain. Not a bad lifestyle. Here's the video:

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Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Congrats Ray!

    Looks like you guys are having a great time (especially once the snow cleared!).

    I recently had my own “snow adventure” (http://myideaguy.com/blog/thinking-positive-does-it-work/).

    BTW – I think what you and Lynn are doing is an excellent example of “making it happen”. I’m taking notes and can’t wait to catch up to find out more.

    Take care bud.


    • Ray Edwards

      Thanks Stu… yep, you DID have an adventure!

      Thanks for the compliments. I’ll do some more posts in the next few days about the practical side of running a business from a remote location. I’ve had some interesting insights and want to share them.



    A remote luxury getaway.
    A freak snow storm leaving you snowbound with a gas fireplace. Looking for inspirations in your writings.

    Has the caretaker been by yet?
    Oh wait, you are the caretaker!

    BTW, if you glance real quick backward in a mirror at REDROCK it could stand for KidsCanORDER. A very tricky subliminal indeed.

    Have a blast on your mini retirement.


    • Ray Edwards

      Jeff… sounds like you’re a Stephen King fan…



  • Dude, you crack me up!

    Thanks for sharing part of your trip with us.

    • Ray Edwards

      You’re welcome… more practical advice and/or insights about “mini-retirement” to come…


  • David Brandon

    Hi Ray

    David Brandon here
    I met you in Atlanta when you spoke and when you were having dinner with Warren.

    Such a Beautiful sight isnt it.
    Being a native of AZ Ive gotten spoiled to the beauty all around us. My wife and I now spend our Annaversiary’s in Sedona at a place called Juni pine Resort just a few miles up the canyon from you. The coffe pot for brekfast is a wonderful place also.
    Lots to see and do. If you would like local pointers that some dont know about or in sales secerets to the Native land.

    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy

  • Ray
    I think the 4 hour work week was a great book.
    I had the chance last summer to spend 2 days with
    Tim Ferris and picked up some great ideas.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you
    and Lynn
    a Happy Anniversary.

    I look forward to catching up with you one
    of these days in the very near future.

    Your Friend
    Larry Benet
    The Connector

  • Hi Ray;

    I just registered for your Speed Money Seminar… in my hometown VANCOUVER!

    Wahoo!!! Finally, a bunch of internet marketing experts are coming to Canada!

    I would love to chat with you or someone on your team about helping promote this event locally as well as any sponsorship/exhibit opportunities you have.

    My company – Make Anything Work – trains new business owners how to think strategically about their marketing program so I think there could be a good fit here.

    You (or someone on your team) can reach me at paul at makeanythingwork dot com.

    Can’t wait to meet you in person in May!


    Paul Keetch
    Chief Excitement Officer

  • Hello Ray.

    Glad to read about you putting Tim’s book into practice and making a great escape. Looks like you must be enjoying Sedona too much as I don’t see anything posted here in the past several days. 😉

    As you know, one of the things that Tim talks about that makes it possible for people to do what he does and what you are now enjoying is giving a major part of your responsibilities for many parts of you business to others to handle for you. Outsourcing is one of the best ways for the small home based person to get work done without doing it yourself.

    I’m sure by now you have seen the emails from Jeff Mills about his newest project, Outsource Secrets Revealed. I’m now working with Jeff (left the full-time I.T. JOB at the big furniture company last month) as his project manager and working with the outsourced resources we use to get his work done.

    When school is out in June (our 14yr old Jared is the last of 5 home with us) my wife and I are looking forward to taking my business on the road and do some traveling ourselves. I’ll just take my external USB drive from the home office PC along with my laptop, Blackberry and Skype phone and that will be my office.

    I hope to meet up with you along the road at a conference or two this year, perhaps at the Big Seminar if you get there.

    Henry Griner
    Your Technology Consultant

    P.S. Anyone wanting to get some great free information about outsourcing can get Jeff’s Outsource Compendium eBook (80+ pages long) by going to: http://www.outsourcecompendium.com Jeff also is giving away over $100K in prizes during contests with his JV Partners. http://www.outsourcesecretsrevealed.com/jvblog/

  • Michael Angelo Caruso

    Great travelogue, Ray. As someone who travels for a living (110 keynotes and presentations in 2007), I empathize with your Sedona Surprise. Way to make the best of it. — Michael Angelo Caruso at EdisonHouse.com

  • Hi Ray,

    I’ve been enjoying catching up on your travels. I just got back from a two week vacation – one week in Greece and one in the north of France in a little stone farmhouse with the kids.

    I’m going to be really interested in hearing your comments and insights about working from remote locations too. For example, I was surprised that out of 8 nights in different cities in Greece(and at 3 and 4 star hotels, so not second class by any means), I had internet access at the hotels only twice. And found it one other time by going to an internet cafe. (But not what I expected for a place that is so business-oriented).

    Our farmhouse offered satellite TV – and the owners use it for the Internet at their place, but it’s not available at the farmhouse. So there are definitely some challenges to being able to work from anywhere.

    On the other hand, living the lifestyle and being able to do what you want, when you want makes up for the little glitches along the way.

    So when’s your next update?

  • The video is great!! I really think anyone has the right to have a good rest after doing his job!!!

  • I can see the trip was great for your all!!!