5 Fundamentals Of Bulletproof Business Profits

Some people view starting or running a business as “risky” – but you can manage the risks. The ones that scare people the most are the easiest to manage.

Here are 5 Fundamentals that will help you bulletproof your profits.

The temptation will be to dismiss them because they’re so simple. That would be a big mistake.

  1. Find a large group of people who are crazy about something and are already spending money on it.
  2. Find out what that group of people wants in the something that they buy – either the “something better” that they want (improvement) or the “something NEXT” that they want (innovation).
  3. Make the thing they want. And make it crazy good.
  4. Make all your advertising trackable, and only do direct response advertising (where you ask for the sale and you give them a specific instruction/opportunity to buy).
  5. Notice what works and do that more; notice what doesn’t and stop doing that.

These aren’t the only fundamentals. Just 5 that I came up with off the top of my head. Want to add to the list? Great! Add your own in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Fundamentals Of Bulletproof Business Profits

  1. Ray, I'm really liking the way your blog has been heading the past couple weeks. You're pumping out some really good content!

    I've only really had failed endeavors in the past, but one tidbit I've learned would be to put as little money down on possible. Better to make your widgets after you have buyers, not before.

    Keep up the good work!