5 Good Reasons to Blog

Many business owners, freelancers, and solo professionals wonder, “Should I have a blog? Is it worth the effort? What does a blog do for me?”
My answer: yes, you need a blog. And here are 5 good reasons why:
  1. It's good for business. It wasn't always this way. When I started blogging, it didn't take long for me to realize blogging was building my business, too. I get a steady flow of new business from people who say something like, “Well, I started reading your blog and finally decided I would call you.”
  2. Self-expression. Once upon a time, I was a radio DJ. Highly-rated, successful, and loving it. Being on the radio was my own personal megaphone. It was my way of being heard. Now I get that same satisfaction from blogging. You can too. Now everyone's a DJ!
  3. Building a relationship with my readers. There's nothing like a blog to build a relationship with your readers. My blog is the source of most of the conversations I have with my readers.
  4. Marketing. I know there are many who say you can't “monetize” a blog. Really? My own blog has brought me… well, let's call it “a substantial amount” of revenue. And I don't even use Adsense (as of this writing). One of the very best Internet Marketers is a guy name Dave Winer. And you'd never categorize him as a marketer… but he is a consummate marketer, though most of his readers probably don't realize it.
  5. Research and testing. The quickest way I know to test a new idea, get some feedback, or get an answer is… make an appropriate post on my blog.

Those are just 5 reasons – there are dozens more.

How about you? Do you blog – and if so, why?

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Donnie Bryant

    I didn’t know you were a radio DJ, although I can totally picture that. You’ve definitely got the voice.My reasons for blogging are similar to yours: self-expression, marketing, relationship building. In addition, many times when I’m writing a blog (or while thinking about it after the fact), my ideas become clearer in my mind. Or I get new ideas.When I write copy, it’s a formal process, with research, editing, rewriting, etc. Blogging is almost stream of consciousness for me, so it give my brain a change of pace.

    •  @Donnie Bryant Good point about blogging being a way of clarifying one’s own thinking on a topic. Writing is, after all, the “doing” part of thinking!

  • TheEmailWriter

    Is it worth the effort? In my opinion, not for most people. But I blog because I feel compelled to. When somebody isn’t paying me to do it I have to do it for myself. It’s how I found my first clients.
    But now it’s more to express my opinions. You get sick of hearing something enough and eventually you want to scream from the top of a building even if you’re wrong.
    Thank you Ray. I enjoyed this post.

    •  @TheEmailWriter I suppose that a lot of what makes it worth the effort (or not) is what your desired outcome is for doing the writing, yes?

      • TheEmailWriter

         @RayEdwards Totally. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I personally love the act of blogging but it isn’t what pays my own bills.

  • Thanks for inspiring me to blog again Ray! I’ve been so busy writing blog posts for clients that I’ve neglected my own blog…But today I posted a fresh article and was so happy to be back! I decided to write a post about 5 ways to keep copywriting clients happy. You can check it out here if you want: http://joshuamonen.com/2012/03/5-simple-ways-to-keep-copywriting-clients-happy 

    •  @Josh Monen So happy to provide some inspiration – and thanks so much for sharing your excellent post!

  • kevinfrancis

    All good points.
    As a writer I find 2 other benefits…
    1) It’s good practice.  If you commit yourself to a schedule, then it also forces you to write quickly and effectively.
    2) It can be a good demonstration of your expertise, especially if you offer content marketing as part of your services.  Had a prospective client make that comment to me the other day 

  • kevinfrancis

    …oops, to finish off the post…had a prospective client comment after looking at my blog “Maximum Results Copywriting” that they could see I actually “practiced what I preach” in contrast to others they had come across.
    Thanks for the post! 

  • Blogging is a great way to find common ground and get feedback (as well as a lot of spam). I’ve used it quite a lot for article writing. However, I too, have gone too long without blogging, and realize it’s time to “restart” the dialogue.

    • We all have those periods. Unless we’re Seth Godin.