5 Steps to Hearing God at Work

If you could actually receive guidance from God for your business, would it make a difference?

And I don’t mean only reading the Bible or a devotional, and getting some good principles for being moral and upright business people. What I mean is hearing God’s voice guide you with specific advice, about your specific situation, problems, and opportunities.

In this video, I offer a 5-step approach to doing just that.

Have you ever heard from God at work? Share your story!

Ray Edwards is a world-renowned copywriter and communications strategist, writing for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Tony Robbins. Ray is a sought-after speaker and author, hosts a popular weekly podcast, and blogs at RayEdwards.com.

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  • Patricia

    Hi Ray

    Good insights. Now I have a question is it okay as a Christian to invest in Crypto currency? Seeing with it you buy and sell without money, it’s not affected by inflation not controlled by any Gorvenment and it’s a new Financial Revolution threatening banking systems!


    • I don’t know. I would seek God’s guidance. 🙂

    • I agree that this is a very important concept to activate in your business. Thank you Ray. I am going to mindfully initiate this today!

  • This message is so timely. I am always seeking God for guidance, more now than ever. I like the point you made about really listening and paying attention because sometimes we think we are hearing from God, but it’s really our own thinking. Thank you for sharing this message, Ray. I am going to share it with my community.

  • Les Dossey

    I enjoyed the simple, elegant way you offered this suggestion Ray. Well Done.

  • Thanks, Ray, for this 5 simple steps.
    Actually, I am doing this, but should work more on implementation.
    God Bless!

  • Awesome! I am dumbfound. Have you been to the blog? http://www.thia-basilia.com/? Please, you are talking about something that can go much, much deeper than just business.

    Indeed! The Scriptures are the absolute way to confirm His Presence in our lives. Not the way we interpret such Scriptures but the way He demonstrates them to us in the multitude of circumstances in our daily living.

    Hope you check the blog and connect with yours truly. I could certainly enjoy having a good friend. 🙂

  • Thanks Ray, I needed this.

    Clear, simple and for me, prophetic.


  • Ray, your list of ideas is great! I totally “get” the “listening for God’s Signals” through our spiritual “intuition” as many put it. SO many great, inspired leaders have listened to the Intuitive Voice, instead of going with the “River of Mediocrity,” and have created incredible results. The trick, I believe, is to learn the difference between our “InnerNegativeEgo” voice (which is usually negative,) and our InnerSpiritualReceiver” which has to be tuned to hear the signal and the Voice from God (which is always positive and corrective). It can easily become our personal G.P.P.S. – GOD’s Purposeful Positioning System !
    – M. Rising, creating courses for those “Stuck In Negativity and Mediocrity”

  • Thomas Chappell

    Thanks for this info. I cannot tell you how much I need to hear this, right now today. It was like you were listening in on my prayers for the past week. I think I will check for electronic bugs now (joking).

  • Great Ray – simple, clear, practical! Thank you
    Reposting to our social media….

  • Hi Ray,
    Throughly enjoyed your video on “5 steps to Hearing God at Work”. When hearing the fourth step called “Implementation”, I was reminded of the scripture “Faith without works is dead…”, James 2:17. This scripture has been a major guiding light for me and to examine others when looking at what people say they believe or have faith in. Just wanted to share that insight.

  • Hi Ray,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Such a refresher in today’s noisy world. I had a personal revelation last Friday during my “home group” session, in Matthew 5. Specifically resonating with all that you’ve said about manifesting and truly aligning with the will of our Father for guidance and decision making.

    @4:56 of your video hits home and I like your approach, no-nonsense statement. As a believer, this really is not how it works. We need to go back to basics, the Bible and the Word of God coming alive and manifesting into our lives.

    God Bless,

  • Bea Smith

    Thanks Ray for the insight. Blessings

  • Great insights, Ray! I have been using a pendulum in the last few months to connect with God and the spiritual world. After gaining experience using it, I find that answers to questions come even without using the pendulum.

  • Hi Ray,

    Absolutely I call on God in my business and everyday life. But rather than calling what I’m connecting to the “unconscious,” I call it my “Higher Self” as I believe our higher self / soul *is* our direct connection to God.

    So there are things one can do to strengthen your relationship with your higher self–which I believe is what Jesus had done and it’s what he actually taught. Yep, Jesus taught us that we can communicate with God directly, as he had done, but the church made his teachings into a religion, into something totally different.

    By the way, I wrote an article on my blog explaining why “the Kingdom of heaven is already in our midst.” Here’s the link:




  • Stephanie

    What you’re stated is totally true. No argument from me.

  • Hi Ray:

    The uncanny realism realized is that when asking for and or seeking such the manifestation sometimes comes and sometimes doesn’t…

    Thinking it becomes more becoming when one or better stated myself is actually more ” aware ” of the asking because 9 out of 10 times the answering is there and or becomes there for ” moments ” in time (right on my daily path, sometimes so apparent yet not apparent I could not help but trip over ” it “)… hummm.

    Pin point, be aware, see the answer and or act on a random uncanny thought. Hummm. Hard to put into words Ray however believe one must be in a state of ” Awareness “. Make sense?

    Thank you Ray;

  • Excellent Ray!! I forwarded this to the Board of Directors I sit on and asked them to think on it until our next board meeting in a couple of weeks. I hope to have miraculous stories to share with you. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

    Flo Dorsey

  • Peter Brodie

    Great video content Ray. I hadn’t formalised it, but I’ve clearly been working with God because I ask when I need something and reasons and act when I get it. This week I particular has been an incredible series of connections, one after the other – and all generating huge goodwill all round.
    Thank you for this.

  • Randy

    Thank you, Ray, for this video and sharing of your faith and thoughts. I am going to save this video to play each morning I enter my office to remind me to bring my partner Jesus in with me.

    Not always easy to listen and sometimes even harder to hear. That is what makes faith so important to our Christian lives.

    God bless!

  • It sounds intriguing and worth trying out. Than you.

  • Great advice Ray, thanks for putting this out. More people need to know that you can hear directly from God when you take time to listen. Here’s another
    method you can test, based on Heb. 4:16 and 10:19-25. What if you sat down in a quiet place, focused on God, began a direct conversation, and asked direct questions? Could you get direct answers?

    As you stated, the critical item is implementation. Once I get direction, there is always fear from that nagging “it is just my imagination?” My issue is persevering once I get a direction to follow. Doubts always creep in.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Much valued and appreciated.

  • This is awesome. Nothing changed my life/business more than when I did just what you said to do: Invite God into your business.

    I have an online business that typically does about 20k per month in sales. Last month I received specific instructions from the Lord (without a doubt) and those actions resulted in our highest month ever: $76,000!

    Another business related scripture I’ve stood on for years is Isaiah 48:17 “Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way that you should go.”

    Thank you for not hiding your faith!
    We need more leaders like you.


  • Hello Ray

    What you say is true. However revelations and voices are heard only from those have faith and demonstrate it with their prayers and actions.
    In that respect the average person there if do not believe in God that is a living God and that there is two way communication where you love God and God love you so closer you are he is closer to0 they have very little chance to hear any voice coming from God unless God appear to them in some in some shape and form as he select them to give them an opportunity to return to his kingdom or chosen to play some new role.Of course God always loves us so his son Jesus and we are the ones stop loving God and show it with our thinking and actions by not following what the bible teaches. Yes God can show his presence to us with various events can happen around us so answer our questions and can talk to us providing us with solutions but as long as we pray to him and follow his teachings.

    • Peter

      Whoever made these rules you repeat, it clearly wasn’t God. We cannot possibly expect to understand Him fully – we are human, and He is the Creator of the universe.

  • What ever you believe it sounds like good advise.

  • Hi, so true we need to but God first in everything! God gave me some ideas that I know it will make money because it came from him but I feel stuck, actually I’m waiting for the lords favor on a very big believer ?

  • Hi Ray,

    Thank you for these. Really appreciated them all. I honor you for always putting God in all your endeavors. Indeed you are more than blessed. I want you to know that I am so blessed by just watching this video. A timely reminder indeed.

    God bless you ahead Ray!


  • Hello Ray, thank you for this timely training. Glad JLD posted it..

    I like how you break it down into a system. I can immediately apply it and start to measure results.

  • Update: after a brief meeting with God we realized I’m in implementation phase.

  • Thank you, Ray. It’s so refreshing to find credible, and successful business men, speak so freely about their faith. Yes, it’s amazing how much clarity we have when God becomes our life and business coach! I know at the end of the day, although I still have unfinished work, this gal has done (I believe) what God deemed necessary. I sleep well. 🙂 Your sister in Christ, Marisa!

  • Kudos Ray!
    I love your stand of making God part of your business! He truly does want to be part of every area of our life. He know that His ways unlock the limitless possibilities that can create the breakthrough that we are hoping and pray for. This topic of ‘hearing God’ is right inline with Episode 16 that I recently released from my Podcast, ‘Your Blessed Life.’ Please feel free to give it a listen 🙂 I hope it will bless your day! Jay

  • Thanks Ray. Everyone can find a way that fits their subjective experiences, to be wise, and act purposefully with goodwill as their goal. Your video may start the process for some.

  • Good morning Ray I was just listening to your message here I really love what I heard from you. Thank you so much. I’ll try, in as few words as possible, to share the fact that in my past 30+ years, I have often “heard” or “felt” the Presence of God, Universal Mind, the Higher Power, the Voice, or whatever one wants to call that Power within which is greater than us. In the very beginning of my career, I was instructed by Him, to follow some instructions and to write them down into a little booklet format. I followed the guidance and my career became known to me, within 21 days, and took off like a rocket. I was launched into the first and most successful, longest lasting, medically oriented, licensed massage therapist in the country. The first to accept physician referrals and billing insurance for my services. I went on to write the first, most complete, always updated, instruction manual, created live seminars and produced these seminars into home study continuing education credit professional DVDs, etc., etc. That’s just one of the many mind blowing successful stories in this career that I have experienced.
    Then two years ago my husband and I were in a horrific auto/ horse collission accident where he lost his life 9 days later and I went on to have 5 eye surgeries over the next two years. Two months and two days after that accident, my only grandchild my daughters only child 3 year old baby girl were killed in an auto accident as they drowned in a canal in the Bayou of La near their home. Within days three more extremely close friends of many years also died of strange sudden deaths. My husband was my business partner and I’m sure most understand and I wasn’t able to carry on with our business. Our beyond excellent credit was shot to hell within a few months. And I just can’t seem to pull up and out of this deep dark hole. But I keep trying to find my way through prayer and studying yours and others wonderful materials his past several months on how to create online courses and how to write and sell my life’s story and other type of articles. I keep trying too find the right key to open the doors again. I’ll keep on believing and trying to do everything I can to follow some of your instructions. Thank you Ray, Jeff Goins, Brian Harris, John Tigue, and others who’s names escape me in these early morning hours.

  • Thank you Ray for sharing this. A lot of people seem to separate faith and business. But in fact, everything we do should be under the guidance of God, truly he is to be our Consultant in every area of our lives including Business.

  • Debbie Swain

    Dear Brother Ray,

    You are such a blessing and YES, God is the ONLY ONE who can direct us! When we ask Him and are willing to step forward and trust Him, He will lead us in the right direction and we will have PEACE!

    Please keep lifting up the name of our Lord! May you be BLESSED in ALL you do.

    God bless you,


  • Love it! Exhilarating, engaging, encouraging way to run a business. I bring my it before God all the time, letting go of it and ask for his direction. Sometimes I feel like I am bungling along and it is scary but then suddenly surprising doors open. Tuning your heart to hear so you can distinguish your own ideas from “God communication” helps very much – a big topic but every little step to keep the lines clear by forgiving others and releasing our fears help. I coach people for relief and rebuilding life after disasters and bereavement, I have lots of opportunity to practice listening to God and people at the same time – really rewarding.

  • Hi Ray, Love this! Lately, my prayers have included asking God to take the lead in my writing. Before going through cancer treatments last year, I hadn’t normally prayed specifically about what to write, but now I pray about everything! The process seems to be smoother when I sit down at the computer. Phil 4:6-7 has been my go-to verse for several years now. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  • sbuTnik Engel

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you so much for your video. I found you on andy masons fb. God spoke to me through a coach and said that I need to sort out the admin of our music academy as I’ve been doing too many different things. It’s now 245am and I’m about to do the invoicing which I’ve been procrastinating. God bless you , your family , your church and your business.

    sbuTnik Engel

  • Ray. Great job in taking something that seems lofty or insurmountable for many of us, and breaking it down into something we can all attempt. I’m re-inspired to listen for the Lord’s wisdom in my business! Thank you.

  • George Willeboordse

    Spot on, and very practical. What I find frustrating though is what I am going through now. I lost my business last November, and for some reason even after I went to a business conference in Redding I could just not get to the bottom of what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do. It is hard to implement something if you do not understand what even the next baby step is. Now, here I am, many resumes later, after having tithed and helped others out, I am stuck in a dry place financially. I believe your 5 steps are in fact the road map, but sometimes it seems that road map goes blurry on the communication step. 🙂

    • Keep the faith, George. Sometimes, it takes sitting still and waiting on God for what may seem like forever. When I was waiting on God for His direction a couple of years ago, He instructed me to start creating anointed resumes and provide coaching for job seekers. I immediately stepped out on that instruction… I started stepping. Fast forward… I immediately had clients and God continues to not only grow my client base and service offerings, but He brings me awesome clients. And, of course, my clients get interviews and their new jobs very quickly as God puts His super on my natural!

      So… rest in His Finished Works… it’s a done deal… you will see the manifestation of what you’ve been believing Him for… be still and KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.

  • So happy that you brought up this subject – it is probably more critical than ever before to hear from God, Ray!

    I truly listen for God and then listen to God in everything I do. One of the things that I am sure to put first is asking HIM for His direction on projects, with clients, and in all that I do. I operate His principles and do what He says… He’s my ULTIMATE BOSS! Do I ever miss it? Sure… but I couldn’t do what I do without HIM.

  • Melanie

    I am inspired. I sit here this evening, wondering how I can finally get ahead. Asking God, where do I go from here. In a car, that won’t drive in reverse, having been laid off in May, staying with my mom and now the ac takes a nose dive in August heat. Trust me, these little things are just the tip of the iceberg (I’ll take an iceberg in this heat at this point in time). Not feeling sorry for myself, told myself, no way! There are too many less fortunate! However, I will take a moment to say, I am questioning God in all of this. I know I shouldn’t. I know that the most important things is knowing that I may not know the future, but I know who holds the future in His hands. Sorry, this is long. Tell me please, can I become an excellent copywriter without having been in advertising or the like? If I study and study diligently? I want to freelance and I want to write. I want to write ads so awesome clients heads spin. Thank you!

  • Traci Brickhouse

    Thank you, Ray,
    You always have a great word. These short videos are perfect.
    I love your “real.”

    Abundantly Blessed…tlb

  • Hello Ray, I think your first step is the most important– to invite God into our businesses every day. When I built my Counseling practice 19 years ago, I had a Priest join in to offer a Blessing for each room in the office. Specifically to Bless all those who walked in here to receive good care and direction. I take time each afternoon to pray for guidance, but last year I began blogging everyday and expanding simple ideas in a 10 minute podcast at the end of each week in a new adventure. One line of my mission statement reads: may I speak the words that God wants people to hear.” Thanks for addressing this.

  • Thanks, Ray! I truly appreciate all that you do and the tremendous amount of value that you bring to your tribe of followers. “Thy kingdom come, Thine will be done, in my business, today!” Blessings!