6 Link Saturday 003

I still haven’t figured out a naming convention for these posts. Suggestions welcome. Here are my 6 Links for this week…

  1. The Glif. The new iPhone shoots 4K video. You’re going to need to put that phone on a tripod to keep your audios from getting motion sickness. The Glif helps you make rock-steady, professional videos with your iPhone. It has two primary functions: mounting your phone onto a tripod, and propping your phone up at various angles. Oh, and it’s cheap.
  2. Desk. A simple and elegant writing app made for bloggers. Distraction-free interface. Built for speed and efficiency with an assortment of powerful viewing modes, keyboard shortcuts, and “Quick Publish” functionality. It handles Markdown, you can save and access your work locally (“Offline mode”) or via iCloud Drive, and you can compose with confidence thanks to real-time autosaving. Connect to WordPress (Self-Hosted, WP.com), Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Typepad, Movable Type, Squarespace, and more to come soon. Cool features like character & word count, reading time, and real-time preview.
  3. Bossjock IOS Podcast Studio. Some time ago I began a quest for a simplified, minimalist podcast studio that sounds pro. This may be it – I’m going to try it out this week. I just have to figure out how to plug two microphones into it. This is basically an all-in-one IOS tool to create and publish rich audio productions. A podcast studio in you iPhone. Will it work? We’ll see.
  4. The best darn microphone $60 can buy. The Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. 1/5 the price of my Heil PR40 and sounds almost as nice.
  5. Auphonic, ridding the world of terrible podcast audio. Kirk Bowman turned me on to this app. Auphonic makes your mediocre audio sound magnificent. Auphonic analyzes your audio and does whatever is necessary to make it professional quality. No more podcast audio that sucks.
  6. CoSchedule. The best way to plan your marketing, and save a ton of time More than 10,000 bloggers, editors, and social marketers trust the CoSchedule editorial calendar to plan their blog, content marketing, and social media. Heck, I wouldn’t have a marketing editorial calendar if it wasn’t for this app.

Found something cool you’d like to share? Do so in the comments belowe!

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8 thoughts on “6 Link Saturday 003

  1. Great post Ray. I love auphonic. I literally use it every single day for processing the audio of our videos. You can upload a video and it will process the audio and let you download the video with the fixed audio all in one file. That is an awesome feature.

  2. Interesting list. Makes me wish even more I could get an iPhone. But not only do you have an affordable mic listed, auphonic is free for the first two hours of processing per month.
    It was driving me crazy trying to level the sound between me and my cohosts. Being 10 and 11, they don’t hold still very well and I only have one mic for the three of us! So when I learned about auphonic’s free service, I tried it out right away. Now it’s part of my regular routine and saves me so much time with better results.
    God bless. 🙂