8 Bad Habits That Hold You Back

If you are a freelancer I can predict a few of the bad habits that hold you back in your business. I present them for your consideration:

  1. Not treating your business like a business (instead, you treat it like a job – a job with an absentee boss).
  2. Not keeping good records.
  3. Not testing and tracking your marketing.
  4. Not marketing.
  5. Failing to have a process for moving prospects through your “business-getting” pipeline.
  6. Lack of discipline in your work schedule.
  7. Lack of attention to protecting your most precious commodity (your time).
  8. Charging less than you’re worth.

If any of those hit home, you know what to do already, right? Now go do it.

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One thought on “8 Bad Habits That Hold You Back

  1. Dang! I have about half of these symptoms.. The funny part is, I already knew that….

    Thanks for the reminder and exhortation, Ray.