7 Lies of Marketing

Seven myths — even lies — of marketing. Ignore them to your profit.

1. People buy what they need.
2. Quality products will always win.
3. Cheaper price always wins.
4. More features mean more sales.
5. People don’t judge a book by its cover.
6. Logic guides buying decisions.
7. Products must make sense to succeed.

Presented, as Serling might say, for your pondering.

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10 thoughts on “7 Lies of Marketing

  1. I would like to add one more myth to the list, Ray…

    8. It takes a genius to become a money-making marketer.

    I’ve met hundreds of very successful marketers over the years and I can say with all honesty that having a high I.Q. has little to do with them making a good living as a marketer.

    One of the keys elements I’ve witnessed is that they:

    1. Follow a proven plan of action.
    2, They are consistent and persistent in the endeavors.

    Keep up the great work, Ray, I read all your posts, as do so many others.

    • My point was simply: people DO judge books by their covers. Therefore we must make our “book cover” as attractive and compelling as possible (which you obviously understood). The specifics vary. One suggestion: study the last 10 best sellers in your specific category and identify what qualities they share – then incorporate those into your own design. Big warning: it does NO GOOD to copy a book cover outright. Be original within a framework of principles most of the best sellers in your category share.

  2. Simple and elegant and so true! I also agree with Primoquest’s post about #8: It takes a genius to become a money-making marketer.

    And Rod Serling was a genius, while also a pioneer in television who was persistent and instrumental in changing the face of dramatic TV. 🙂

  3. Your 2nd Statement and 3rd statement Contradicts
    a) Quality Products will not always be cheap, due to competition it may be sold at a cheaper price
    b) to gain market value quality product can be sold at cheap rates.
    c) If cheaper price wins, its not always longlasting.

    What does my statement say, is’nt all confused.

    Confuse the buyer sell a quality product, so that he will still come back to you.