7 Reasons Why You Must Start a Business Now

Everyone needs to start a business now. Here are 7 reasons why this is true:

  1. You won’t get fired from your own business.
  2. In your own business, if your boss turns out to be a jerk or an idiot, you can make him (or her) change.
  3. Despite government meddling, owning a business is the best tax strategy going.
  4. It’s more fulfilling than working for someone else.
  5. Every day you get to start over.
  6. You literally write your own paycheck.
  7. You help others while helping yourself.

Here’s a bonus reason that addresses the “now” part: “now” is the only time you have. “Someday” is just code for “never”.

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  • “Someday is just code for Never”. That line was in the new movie Knight and Day, good stuff, Ray.

  • “Someday” is just code for “never”.

    Love that, regardless of where it comes from!

    It made me think of procrastination habits. If you have something to do, why not just go and do it? That's exactly what I shall do.

  • dave

    Great stuff Ray you are the Guru'
    Here our ten ideas to follow up with also

    1. Complete a proforma and business plan
    2. Accounting information, DBA or LLC Information
    2a Can you justify your sales
    3 Will you have any employees ? If so interview yourself for every position/ HR and identify positions
    4 talk yourself out of doing this
    4a try to talk yourself out of it again
    5 Staff and facility/ credit card and bank. Remember if people pay on line or use credit cards, how are you set up to take credit cards. Do you have a line of credit if someone orders 1000 shirts?
    6 Marketing and Inventory Plan
    7 launch your product
    8 know and understand cash flow and sales each and every day
    9 take the customers temperature everyday
    10 exit plan


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