Adding Value Adds Profits: 21 Small Business Profit Boosters (#19)

coins.jpgThere is so much talk in the “Internet Marketing” world about automating your business, setting up processes, and creating “passive income” that the Nirvana would seem to be a business that is 100% hands-free. Of course, that is not possible — not entirely.

And there is also a very big downside in taking the “maintenance free” approach to building a business online. The downside is: it’s possible to set up a website that is hands-free… and that makes very little money. Hmmm…

The meaning in this seems to be: the income you derive from a website is in direct proportion to the value you put into it.

Said more plainly: if you build crappy websites, expect crappy results.

There’s a great post about how zero maintenance can mean zero money over at Self Made Minds. Worth reading.

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4 thoughts on “Adding Value Adds Profits: 21 Small Business Profit Boosters (#19)

  1. short sweet and to the point and couldn't be more true. What effrt you put into something will determine what starts coming back. You may make a big splash..but your efforts will show over the long haul.


  2. Very true Ray, The efforts you put into something is going to determine what starts coming back. Especially over the long haul. You can have a big inital splash but you will soon be recognized by the value you add over time and your efforts. Little in..little out!


  3. The “hands-free” approach has a certain appeal, I must admit, but at the same time, if you're going to build a business, you tend to want to be involved in it and its development.