Always Wear Clean Underwear

Your mother always told you, “Wear clean underwear.”

The idea was that if you were in an accident, or had to be rushed to the hospital, you didn’t want to be embarrassed by your undergarments.

Mom’s advice was good, and applies in business as well.

Not that you should live in fear of accidents, but that you should anticipate unexpected things will happen.

Unexpected meetings will pop up.

Unexpected phone conversations will occur.

Unexpected opportunities to make your sales presentation will crop up.

Being prepared-“wearing clean underwear”-means always being dressed and ready to meet important people.

It means always being ready to give your presentation at a moments notice, with or without the PowerPoint slides.

It means never being in a situation, engaged in an activity, or being in a place that would embarrass you in front of that important client or colleague.


Always wear clean underwear.

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One thought on “Always Wear Clean Underwear

  1. As the infamous Infotainer, Joel Bauer says: The World is a Stage, Look your Best.
    [or was that Shakespeare]?

    Anyway … I’ve learned that the hard way because anytime I Don’t, for whatever reason, it seems That’s when I ‘happen’ to run into the Prettiest Women [maybe that’s One reason I’m Still Single]

    Good Advice, Ray.