Podcast Delayed This Week

This week’s podcast will be delayed until Friday, because of some unavoidable disruptions in my schedule… but there will be an episode this week. I don’t want this to be the week I break the streak!

Turn Your Life’s Message Into Your Life’s Work

Do you ever feel that you have a message that you need to get out to the world? Have you ever thought that you have a book “inside”, but could never seem to get that book onto paper?

Message in a Bottle

What if there was a solution to this challenge that could be easy, quick, and fun?

Well, I propose that there is exactly that type of solution. And I’m going to share my new method of finding your Life Message, and then transforming that into your Lifework. Yes, you can get paid for the wisdom you gained over the course of your life.

During This Free Webinar, You Will:

  • Discover a totally unique way to articulate the message you know you have inside even if you’ve tried before and could never quite get it right.
  • See how to finally get paid  for what you know… without having to worry about  being pushy or “salesy”.
  • Find a unique formula for writing a world-class book that allows you to only attract motivated prospects who know the value of what you’re offering, and are predisposed to trust you. (This works even if you are not a “writer”.)
  • Realize why it’s often more profitable to do the exact polar opposite of what everyone else is doing, especially when it comes to marketing your ideas.
  • Learn an easy and effective way to make sales… without having to act “salesy” and without having to resort to making any hypey claims (like everyone else does).

I’m excited to be presenting this new, free webinar training, Thursday night January 30, at 9 PM Eastern.

Click Here Now To Register for the Webinar

Seminar Recordings Released

We have just released the video recordings from the three-day “Live Intensive” seminar we did in April. This event got rave reviews from the people who were there. We hired a professional video crew to film the whole thing, and the results were outstanding.
For the next seven days, you can get the “Earlybird Discount” on these seminar recordings. Click here for the details and some sample video.

Announcing “2 Hour Copy”

Next Tuesday, April 2, I will be hosting a special webinar entitled “2 Hour Copy”.

Full disclosure: this is a paid webinar, but it is the least expensive training in copywriting I have ever done. It will be a live webinar, there’ll be nothing for sale, and I will only do it this once.ray-edwards-vidcap

Why am I doing this? I’m experimenting with a new marketing approach (just as I recommend you experiment).

Whether my “experiment” is successful or not, you get a big win… because the training you get is not experimental-it is 100% field tested and proven.

It’s not even fair to call it “training”, because in less than two hours, you’ll have your squeeze page copy, your sales page copy, and your autoresponder copy… written.

Click here to get all the details, or to register.