Announcing “2 Hour Copy”

Next Tuesday, April 2, I will be hosting a special webinar entitled “2 Hour Copy”.

Full disclosure: this is a paid webinar, but it is the least expensive training in copywriting I have ever done. It will be a live webinar, there’ll be nothing for sale, and I will only do it this once.ray-edwards-vidcap

Why am I doing this? I’m experimenting with a new marketing approach (just as I recommend you experiment).

Whether my “experiment” is successful or not, you get a big win… because the training you get is not experimental-it is 100% field tested and proven.

It’s not even fair to call it “training”, because in less than two hours, you’ll have your squeeze page copy, your sales page copy, and your autoresponder copy… written.

Click here to get all the details, or to register.

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