Apple Grows Using Repurposing

recycle.jpgThe Story: The most underused tactic for increasing sales and profits is repurposing; Apple is the best example of how to do this.

The Point: Learn to repurpose your products as well as those of others for maximum profit.

The Resource: Apple

3 Ways To Repurpose Your Content or Products:

1. Change print to text.
2. Change audio to text.
3. Change text to articles, blog posts, press releases, and emails.

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  • Many business professionals and teachers routinely use powerpoint. You could re-purpose your content into prepackaged powerpoint presentations.

  • Ray Edwards

    That’s a great idea!

  • Ed Erickson

    Ah, but Ray, as a Mac guy, you gotta use Keynote. Presentations are so much more striking. Esp as we’re talking about Apple here.

    BTW, speaking of repurposing, I came across this article at Ezine Articles the other day