Avoid The Obnoxious Bully Copywriter

If you’re a copywriter, please take note: the “obnoxious bully copywriter persona” is overdone, possibly destructive and certainly no longer unique positioning.

You probably know what I’m talking about: the kind of copywriter who positions himself as a “badass” and a “rockstar”. Usually this persona comes with a large dose of attitude. Often the persona is accompanied by disdain or even contempt for his customers — who are often portrayed by the “rockstar copywriter” as mentally challenged at best… and complete idiots at worst.

I hope, Constant Copywriter, you are not guilty of this.

Because it doesn’t help anyone.

It’s also ugly and mean-spirited.

So if you, as a copywriter, have been guilty of patterning yourself after a “badass copywriter” – stop it. Just be yourself, respect and honor your clients, and you will experience the prosperity you’re after.

To The Clients Of The Bully Copywriter

If you happen to be a client of one of these copywriters, or you’re thinking of becoming a client of one – stop. Trust your gut. There are people who can write your copy and treat you with the respect and honor you deserve.

Take the time to find one of those people – and don’t fall into a co-dependent relationship where you are the victim and the copywriter is the bully.

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One thought on “Avoid The Obnoxious Bully Copywriter

  1. Great advice, Ray. The badass copywriter theme is way overdone.

    On the flip side, it's also important to avoid being the wimpy copywriter paired up with a bully client. Just as there are “bully copywriters” so are there “bully clients.”