Avoid The Three Biggest Mistakes Made By Copywriters

school.jpgThe Story: Most copywriters make these three mistakes that hurt the effectiveness of their copy — resulting in fewer optins and fewer sales.

The Point: You can instantly increase your optins and sales by correcting these specific mistakes.

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What are the three most common mistakes made by copywriters? They're not grammar or syntax errors. They are rather errors in approach or mindset. While these may seem to be “soft” topics, they directly affect your results. The mistakes are:

  1. Not writing to the reader
  2. Writing copy that sounds like copy
  3. Not taking the time to know their product

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  • Hey Ray,

    Alright, alright…guilty as charged.

    I’ve cut a few corners in a game attempt to save some project time but here’s the kicker…

    When I DON’T cut those corners, when the research is sound and I’ve “zoned” into the reader – my writing has more energy, the copy flows effortlessly and the job gets done in no time flat.

    Who’da thought?

  • Ray Edwards

    I know – it’s SUCH a surprise, isn’t it?

  • One of my biggest mistakes is not being visual enough in my writing. I need to use more descriptive additives.