Be Great In 2008

2008.jpgIt’s 2008.

New Year.

New possibilities. Many resolutions being made today by lots of folks — and as we all know, many of them will be broken before the calendar changes to February.

However… that’s no excuse for not attempting to change your results and circumstances in the new year. For me, resolutions represent hope and aspiration. I applaud everyone making resolutions; and I challenge you to stick with them! Change can happen, and does; it is possible for you to stick with your resolutions. The real question is: will you?

Here are mine — a simple list, but high-leverage…

Ray’s 2008 New Year’s Resolutions 

  1. Love God.
  2. Love others.
  3. Create value.
  4. Simplify.
  5. Create happiness.
  6. Clean up messes.
  7. Be here now.

How about you? What are yours? Post them below — or post a link to your own blog entry.

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9 thoughts on “Be Great In 2008

  1. Personally, Ray, I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. My alternative is to use what’s called a Backward Planning Process, whereby you start with the end in mind (December 31st) and work backwards (to today, or any other appropriate day of the year).

    Instead of writing down my Resolutions that I hope to achive, I’m going to tell you 3 things that I WILL achieve…

    1. I’ll grow into a very self-disiplined, action-oriented, time-effficient person.


    3. I’ll get into the best shape of my life, better than ever before.

    There that’s it. 3 Things that have already started to happen: I took action and declared what will happen, I got a great deal on Myoplex yesterday (like $55 for a box of 42), and I’m about to finish this blog post.

  2. Okay, here are mine:

    1. Be Passionate. About life, about work, about my choices.
    2. Be Giving. Of my time, of my creativity, of my heart.
    3. Be Accountable. Keep my promises, my commitments, my integrity.
    4. Be “there.” Live in the moment. Laugh long and often. Dance in the rain. East dessert first.

  3. To me, the New Year is an inconvenient time to make course corrections. We’ve just been through the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now it’s time to operate on “cruise control” for a while. At least for a little bit.

    But, yes, it’s a good idea every once in a while to stop and re-evaluate one’s life and direction.

    #1 and #2 on your list Ray are crucial. If they are not one’s “prime directive” (to borrow a phrase from Star Trek :-), the rest is just empty.

    I like your #3. The world is a better place when you build value.


  4. The new year is a great time to reflect on the hits and misses of the previous year. There is much to be learned from both.

    I suggest that we not only examine resolutions internally for ourselves but also externally.

    According to popular resolutions are:
    – Lose Weight
    – Pay Off Debt
    – Save Money
    – Get a Better Job
    – Get Fit
    – Eat Right
    – Get a Better Education
    – Drink Less Alcohol
    – Quit Smoking Now
    – Reduce Stress Overall
    – Reduce Stress at Work
    – Take a Trip
    – Volunteer to Help Others

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    At the beginning of the year people will be actively searching for help in these areas.

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  5. Thanks Ray for bringing commitment to the fore.

    By declaring goals out loud, you are putting yourself on the line.

    Let me follow my mentor.(Genius lies in following instructions.) 😉

    Here is my list of goals:

    1. Be consistent in working hard in my copy skills.

    2. Be regular with physical movement.

    3. Be persistent in marketing my websites and my services.

    -Edward “The Apu”

  6. Hi Ray, how true you are, usually the same old resolutions, lose weight,stop smoking among others fortunatelly for me neither of these am I afflicted by. Happy new year from Australia

  7. Here’s a re-creation of the post I made on 1/1 to this article. It seems to have been lost in the shuffle between being submited and it appearing. Hope it doesn’t wind up being a double post.

    According to
    the most popular new years resolutions are:
    Lose Weight
    Pay Off Debt
    Save Money
    Get a Better Job
    Get Fit
    Eat Right
    Get a Better Education
    Drink Less Alcohol
    Quit Smoking Now
    Reduce Stress Overall
    Reduce Stress at Work
    Take a Trip
    Volunteer to Help Others

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