Being Open To Life

I got a call from a potential new client.

We’ll call him Drew (not his real name). Drew seemed tentative, nervous, and naive. I immediately classified him in my mind as someone who was not a client for me. I fully expected to scare him away with my requirements for my clients, the intricacy of the process and what I expected in the way of information to write his copy…and if none of that worked, I was certain my price would end the conversation.

Turns out I was wrong.

Drew was curious as could be about the process, excited about gathering the required information I would need, and didn’t blink when I quoted him a price for his project (it was in the five figure range). He immediately sent payment and we set off to work.

What did I learn? Only the same old lesson I need to revisit from time to time: don’t pre-judge people, and be open to what life brings your way. You never know who the next big client will be, what the next big opportunity might look like…and you just might be surprised when you find out.

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One thought on “Being Open To Life

  1. I hope you and Drew are now able to laugh about how your relationship started. That is a very valuable life lesson that is usually not fully apreciated until it happens to you.