Best Way To Make Money Online Fast

cash-keyboardThe best way to make money online fast is to offer a service.

Ideally, the service you offer will meet certain criteria. It should be:

  • Something you can do remotely, via the web.
  • In high demand.
  • Something not many people do with excellence, but which for you is an art form.
  • A service that can command high dollars.
  • Not easily fulfilled using geo-arbitrage.
  • Something not marketed well by most people already offering that service.

Notice I did not say, “something with low competition”. Almost every service business that meets my criteria above is flooded with competitors, but also easy to dominate.

Want proof? If you’ve ever noticed that webmasters are a dime a dozen, but good ones nearly impossible to find – you’ve just proven my point.

Service businesses are:

  • Easy to start.
  • Cheap to set up.
  • Quick ways to jump start cash flow
  • Promotable by “free” marketing methods.

If you need to generate some fast cash and are tired of trying “Internet Marketing” schemes… maybe it’s time to hang out a shingle and start making some money.

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  • FINALLY!! Someone said what’s needed to be said for a LONG time. Way too many “this is the last money making idea you’ll ever need” schemes marketed or “launched” on the Internet. It’s a shame that so many good and well meaning people are sucked into these traps, when it’s so easy to do exactly what you said… quit buying stuff and go make some money.

    The best part, is that it’s just as easy as you described. Most of us have everything we need… the inspiration, the idea, the skill… but what we don’t have is the confidence and the “get started” genes. You’ve laid it out so simply and elegantly, and we would all do well to pay close attention to what you’ve outlined… and then unsubscribe from all the lists that send us duplicate emails promoting the same newest thing… and go make some money.

    Thanks, Ray. You hit a homer with this one!

    • Wow – thank you Martin for your kind words.

  • Great post Ray! You put it really well.

    I especially like your last two points — not easily fulfilled using geo-arbitrage. Or fulfilled WELL.
    And then there’s that last point… which can be a real challenge 😉

    Maybe you could add some golden tips next time?

    • Thanks Elizabeth. This post seems to have struck a chord so I may do
      one with some specifics. What things in particular would you like tips

  • paulelliott

    Ray, your scatological reference in your most recent email does not serve you well. It damages your brand both consciously and subliminally.

    • Would it have been better if I'd said “holy cow”? 😉

      I appreciate you Paul. Sorry if I offended you.

      • paulelliott

        Certainly, you did not offend me, Ray. I'm simply, genuinely concerned about
        the degradation of quality of the brand you've successfully worked very hard

        Since I specialize in the subliminal elements of marketing, it may be more
        obvious to me, but I remain convinced you understand enough about the
        psychology of your readers to recognize that it will cause damage.

        The ONLY reason I bother is my personal friendship and respect for you.
        Certainly, I never bother with others that choose to effect their brands

        Your true friend,

        • Point taken-and thank you sir.

          • paulelliott

            Keep up your excellent work, Ray!


  • Martin has said it all… Nothing I can add other than thanks for the timely reminder Ray

  • Pro

    I perfectly agree with you Edwards. Its exactly what I'm doing right now!! I lack technical and design skills and I have found that it is VERY hard to find a good designer who has the required design and coding skills. I offer marketing services and I think I'm good at it. That's why I am never short of clients!

    Another good idea is to invest a major part of your online profits back to sustainable online businesses. That's why I'm doing for a lot of time. Its going on very good for me!!

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Congratulations on your success, and thanks for sharing your story
      with us.

  • hanslussenburg

    Sometimes the obvious isn't obvious, until someone points it out to you and you wonder why you didn't see it before. Thanks for your most enlightening post Ray. It's a keeper!

    • You're very welcome – thanks for reading.

  • Great points! I've been trying to do that exact thing, though it's not as easy as you make it out to be (no offense). Especially in services like web design, programming, seo … we are a dime a dozen, and getting your foot in the door in the hardest part of all.

    For example, if I were to go on GAF put up my ad saying: Hey I'm a super cool web SEO guy, buy my services (yeah, I know … very bad ad example) …. almost no one would even bother with me because there would be 1,000 other people who undercut me.

    Once you're a bit established it's easier, you have some rankings/votes/whatever so it's easier to see why you might charge a bit more and why your services are top notch. But my point it: just getting going, that initial step, that first breakthrough is hard as heck.

    Even Armand recommend never use a coder/designer/<something> from GAF/E-lance who has no rating (aka someone just starting out).

    All in all, you make a very great point. Stop whining people, as someone else said in the comments: unsubscribe from all those 'get rich quick' e-mail newsletters, get off your arse and get going! 🙂 It's amazing how much we can actually do once we actually try and stop complaining about it ^^

    Just my 2 cents and a rant! Thanks for the read and the audio! Good stuff! Cheerio!

    • Thanks for a thoughtful post, Piotr.

      There *are* some very specific things you can do to start making money – and as you point out, Piotr, those things do not include “get rich quick” schemes nor do they include whining.

      Establishing your authority, building a tribe, using attraction marketing techniques…these are just a few of the proactive things you can do to start building you income.

      I really appreciate the time you took to comment Piotr – be well!

      • Thanks for the response. I only wish it were really possible to “make make fast” (ie like a week) when you are unknown. Hmm, I guess getting sponsored or recommended by someone is probably the best way.

        Of course this all excludes getting a J.O.B. (just over broke) :). As yup, your right. The only real way to make money fast is to build a tribe and leverage what you can.

        Gotta love our work aye? It's always fun building relationships and being free from the 9-5 BS! WOOT!


  • joaniemcmahon

    Ray, I got led to your site by Daegan Smith. Thank you for this post, I felt inspired to ask this question after listening. I am a psychologist and I want to find a way to offer an “audio-based guided visualization” that I have created, that helps people move from negative emotions (worry, doubt, lack of confidence, disappointment etc) into positive emotion so that they can then get back on track in being productive in their businesses or any area of life………. is this easy to offer online?

    • It's certainly possible to offer online. Is it easy? I can't answer that. It is easy to set it up, deliver it to clients, take payments. Is it easy to make money with it? Only one way to know – and that's to try and see!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post – thank you for reading and commenting.

    • joaniemcmahon

      Thanks Ray, I look forward to learning from you. Daegan considers you one of the best copywriters around. Nice compliment……good job!

  • EldoB

    Hi Ray

    Good to be in touch with you again!

    Thanks for your wise words.

    All the best