Britney Spears Teaches Marketing

britney.jpgThe Story: Britney Spears knows how to get your attention.

The Point: While there's a lot of debate about Britney's musical talent, career choices, and parenting potential, nobody can argue that she doesn't know how to get our attention.

You can learn a lot from a diva.

The Resource: Attention Age Doctrine

Keys To Capturing Your Prospect's Attention:

1. Be relevant to their lives.
2. Give them more of what they want.
3. Don't betray their expectations.

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  • WOW, Britney and the Attention Age they seem like such polar opposites. On one hand she does cut through the clutter and gets noticed. On the other hand her core fans minds get cluttered by her behaviour. I hope she pulls through it and learns spiritualy more about herself from it.

    • Ray Edwards

      That girl has a load of troubles, and I too hope she can figure it all out and get back to reality.

  • Ed Erickson

    ugh… Britney Spears. She doesn’t get my attention. I ignore her. Really, I actually feel pity her when I think about it. So I guess in some sense she gets my attention.

    *How not to ruin your life*

    For all of her “success” she really seems a miserable person.

    I get your point though. Connet to celebrity and get instant attention. Like Schefren’s example in Doctrine Vol2 about Paris Hilton. I think I’ll use a different class of celebrity. Like the folks listed in your bio. They don’t make you want to take a shower afterward, eh?