Clean up Your Messes

Every “mess” in your life creates additional stress.

I define a “mess” as any incomplete task, obligation, or other unresolved commitment.

Think of each “mess” as a program running on your computer.

Dirty dishes piled up in sink after a party

As you know, if you run too many programs at once on your computer (even tiny ones), eventually the computer slows down. It begins to perform at less than optimum levels.

Sometimes it even crashes.

Your brain works the same way. Keep too many programs open simultaneously, and at best your mind slows down. You become forgetful, edgy, irritable.

At worst, you “crash”.

Is Your Business Destroying Your Life?

One of the worst mistakes we can make as entrepreneurs is allowing our commitment to our business to undermine our commitment to our family.

Happy Asian couple

As entrepreneurs we do things that others aren’t necessarily willing to do in order to enjoy a life that others can’t – we work long hours, long past the “normal” business hours that employees work, we can’t remember the last time we had more than six hours of sleep in a night and our families plot a rescue mission to get us out of the office at a decent time for special occasions.