3 Paradigm Shifts to Help You Build a Business

3 Paradigm Shifts toHelp You Build a

[guestpost]This guest post by my friend Jeff Goins should be useful for anyone who is thinking of starting (or has already started) a business. Jeff is the author or four books, including his latest The Art of Work. Jeff is an award-winning blogger and online entrepreneur. Also, he has great hair.  ~ Ray Edwards[/guestpost] Ten years […]

Change: The Only Constant

“Pig Pen, this here is Rubber Duck. We ain’t gonna pay no toll…” CW McCall, “Convoy” Who would have dreamed, in the 1970s, that anything would ever replace the CB radio? Some readers will, like me, be old enough to remember the CB craze. We will all remember, for instance, that the “main channel” on […]

Are You Interested Or Committed?

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Are you interested or are you committed? This question is where the rubber meets the road. This is where I might lose you. Some people will say, “Oh yeah, I’m interested in having my own business!” They’ll read what I have to say, or listen to a podcast, they’ll nod their heads and say, “That sounds […]

Are There Diamonds Buried In Your Backyard?

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While we’re busy searching, striving, and battling to build a fortune, we often overlook the Fortune that is right in our own backyard. Don’t feel too bad, I’ve been there right along with you. Perhaps the story of my own folly will help reassure you, and motivate you to take another look at the opportunities […]

Work The System by Sam Carpenter


Last week I recorded a podcast in which I talked about thinking of life as a system. I have been profoundly affected by the work of Sam Carpenter, author of the book Work the System. Today’s post is a review and recommendation of that book. Sam operated his own stagnant and dying business for 15 years. […]

Seven Steps to Building a Business Utopia


[guestpost]Today’s post is a Guest Post by Andy Traub.[/guestpost] When you own your own business you have a fantastic opportunity. Do you realize what you can and should build? “When you make a business, you get to make a little universe where you control all the laws. This is your utopia.”

How Does Jesus Want Us To Handle Money?

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[guestpost]Today’s post is a guest post by Bud Brown. Bud is the president of TurnaroundPastor.com. He has served churches in a variety of settings[/guestpost] Jesus extolled the virtues of a slippery, self-serving money manager to teach on the wise and godly use of wealth. The troubling teaching is recorded in Luke 16. It’s the story […]

This Is What Customer Service Looks Like


[guestpost]Jon Stolpe was one of the first people to submit a guest post for my blog, and I have been very impressed with what I’ve read on his own site. I’m pleased to introduce you to his work, and hope you enjoy it. – Ray Edwards[/guestpost] This is what customer service looks like! Customer service […]

My Review of NMX 2014 In Las Vegas


Last week I attended NMX for the first time. This is the conference formerly known as Blogworld.   I wasn’t able to attend every single session (that would be impossible, because so many things are happening at the same time), but my experience was amazing nonetheless.