Are You Missing Out On 80% Of Your Revenue Potential?

Yes, You Probably Are

Here’s a surprising business stat I heard from the brilliant Dean Jackson: 80% of customers make their first purchase from you 90 days after their first contact with your company. That’s too bad, because over 90% of marketers have stopped marketing to those customers by that time.


Read that again, carefully. You’re probably wasting 80% of your client value. Put another way: you’re only getting 20% of the money most people would give you if you bothered to ask for it.

5 Failings That Kill Your Business

Most failed businesses don’t die – they commit suicide.


I am watching an aquaintace of mine (let’s call him Stewart) commit business suicide rght now. And it’s slow, agonizing business suicide, inflicting the maximum amount of pain and agony in the process.

Of course, Stewart doesn’t see it that way.

Why You Must Attain Rising Star Status (And How To Do It)

Mike Kim is a specialist in personal branding, a marketing expert, and an extraordinarily talented copywriter. He’s also a member of my private Regency Mastermind – a remarkable, small group of people doing Big Things. ~ Ray Edwards

You’ve bought the online courses. You’ve attended conferences. You’ve read the right books, tuned into the top podcasts, and even modeled your blog after your favorite online expert.


But no matter how religiously you follow the “right” advice, you just can’t seem to get more traction.

What gives?

The Truth About Getting More Traffic

What is the #1 thing you believe would benefit your blog or online business the most? The one thing that, if you could get it, would change your business (and your life)? Most people answer, “More traffic.”

The Truth About Getting

That’s the wrong answer. Worse than wrong: that’s a dangerous answer. One that can gut your business. Why? That’s what the rest of this article is about.