The $200 Million Copywriting Blueprint

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Would you like access to the blueprint I’ve used to generate $200 million in sales for me & my clients? Well, here’s your chance. I’m releasing a series of free Copywriting Training videos, and I just posted the third in this four-part series this morning.  


It’s called “The $200 Million Dollar Copy Blueprint”.

The One Word That Doubles Your Sales

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One of the most powerful business truths I know is something I learned from my friend and mentor, Jeff Walker. When confronted with virtually any business problem, Jeff’s response is often, “That’s a copy problem.”

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Meaning: the problem is less about the problem and more about how we approach the problem. How we communicate the problem to ourselves – and to others. Communication. Copy. Whatever the problem, chances are it’s a copy problem. There is an easy fix to this copy problem, and that’s why I have written my new ebook, The One Word That Doubles Your Sales. If you sell anything at all, I think you’ll find this ebook helpful.

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12 Amazing Wealth-Building Vehicles

How to Turn Your Ideas into Income

What’s your area of expertise? What is it for which people come to you for advice or help? I’m sure you have a ready answer for those questions. And if you do, then you’ve got something valuable to teach. And if you’ve got something to teach, you can make an income online.

Wealth Vehicle

Just use one or more of the vehicles in this post.

One Login to Rule Them All

Why Your Customers Are About to Love You

Perhaps you sell online training programs, memberships, or other digital products. If so, you may be making a huge mistake. This mistake could be costing you money and customers. Chances are you are making this mistake! This can spring a sizable money-leak in your entrepreneurial ship.

One Login

I create and sell digital training products and courses. I sell these courses online, and my customers receive their access instantly. They receive a username and password, can log-in and get access to what they paid for without delay. That’s a win for both them and me.

But I recently became aware of a problem with the way I do this. And I’m not the only one doing this. If you run a business like mine, we set up our products on separate websites, as if each product was its own “brand.” This means separate domain names, different logos, etc. This may feel good to us who produce the products. But it creates a big headache for our users (our paying customers).

10 Steps to Build Your Wisdom Enterprise

Launching Your Own Wisdom-Based Business Is Easier Than You Think

You have that entrepreneurial spark. You yearn to own your business … but doing what? Sure, you’ve got some special expertise that few others have. But how do you turn that into a business? How do your knowledge, experience, and wisdom translate into income?

Knowledge Business (1)

When I launched my business, I knew what I wanted to do. My knowledge and experience centered around providing others with communication strategies and copywriting. At the time, I hadn’t codified the 10 steps I give you below. I had to rely on trial and error and wise counsel from others. As a result, I’ve developed a tried-and-true business building process. Since then I have helped countless other entrepreneurs build their Wisdom Enterprise.