Email: As Addictive As Crack?

If you check your email more than 3 times per day, one of the following is true:

1. Your job is to answer email. Skip the rest of this post.

2. You are addicted to checking your email, and you let other people derail your priorities every day.

3. You WORK for someone who is addicted to checking email, this addict requires you to share their disfuntion… and you let other people derail your priorities every day.

Just saying.

Meetings Equal Mediocrity

Meetings are temporary committees.

Nothing great gets done by committees.

Typically meetings are the exact opposite of actual work. They are a way of avoiding work, a way for egos to inflate, and a great way to waste time.

If you must have a meeting… and I mean if you really MUST… here are three tips to minimize the damage:

1. Keep it to 15 minutes or less. Use a timer! Be ruthless.

2. No speeches. Consider a 2-minute rule: no speaking for more than 2 minutes by any one person.

3. Stand up. No sitting. And no snacks, no drinks, and no handouts (if you can put it on a handout or in an email… why are you wasting my time with a meeting?).

This all applies to phone meetings too.

When It’s Not Fun, Quit

I always said, while I was in the radio business, that when it stopped being fun I would quit.

Eventually I had to put my money where my mouth was; and I quit.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner.

So I say to you: if you’re not having fun in your job, your work, or your business… quit.

Don’t Be Realistic

Realistic is not where the money is.

Realistic does not change the world; it does not shake up the status quo; realistic does not create legacy.

The greatest advances of history were created by unrealistic people?

Even Trying a Little of This Increases Profits

Most of us work for the big home run in business. We’re looking for the breakthrough idea, the standout promotion, the million-dollar product launch.

I’ve been involved in a little bit of each, and they are certainly nice. But the reality is S. not the way normal business growth occurs. The way businesses normally grow is incrementally, over time.

Interestingly, it seems to be the businesses that have been growing incrementally over time that more often than not experience those big home run moments every now and then.

One way to increase profits, almost without fail, is to try a little bit of improvement every day. Improve your process for selling, prospecting, and producing products. Just a little bit, every day. It adds up.