Become a “However” Person

Words have power. If you say, for instance, “Here are three reasons why your plan will not work…” you have just increased the chances that the plan will, in fact, not work.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. Here are a few words that could help stop your dwindling profits (and I’m saving the best one for last):

  • “Let’s figure out new ways to make sales.”
  • “What are some ways we can make our products more valuable?”
  • “What would wild success look like? How can we increase the chances of that happening?”
  • “What can we learn from the bad thing that just happened, and thereby turn it into a good thing? What value can we extract from this problem?”

And now for my favorite…

“However…” use this word whenever following up a declaration about a negative thing that just happened.

For instance: “Yes, I know we just had our lowest sales month in the company’s history. However…” and then fill in the blank. Finish the sentence. Put yourself on the spot.

Become a “however” person.

Your Hour of Power

Lots of people say these are tough times. Certainly, some tough things have been happening to good people. We have a choice as to how we respond: we can respond as if the sky is falling, or we can respond as if we have power to change the situation.

Regardless of what your situation currently is, what if you set aside one hour each day to do something about it? I know what you’re thinking… where will you get this “extra” hour? You could take it away from watching television, from goofing off on the net, from gossiping and chit chatting with neighbors, you name it… but we could all probably find one hour. If we really, really wanted to.

Now, here’s what to do with your extra hour per day:

  1. Exercise for 20 minutes.
  2. Read a positive, nonfiction, enriching book of some kind for 20 minutes.
  3. Make a real, one-on-one connection with another human being for 20 minutes. This could be a phone call, or a handwritten note-but not an e-mail, or “social media”. Go old school on this one.

What’s the point?

If you do this every day for the next three months, you will be in better shape, you’ll be better informed, and you’ll be better connected than almost every single person you know. It won’t guarantee you a win, but it almost certainly guarantees you’ll be better off than if you didn’t carve out that extra hour each day.

Something to think about.

Freedom Links

I have a number of things I wanted to communicate to you today, and it’s kind of a potpourri of thoughts…

… but they all center around the theme of “freedom”.

We start with freedom from poisonous infections in your brain, that sabotage your business and success. I wrote a post about this yesterday (in response to something Jeff Walker wrote on his blog). I’d really love to get your comments and feedback on that post.

Next is the subject of freedom from debt. I believe that the number one financial plague in America right now is that of consumer debt. Here’s one free video that shows you how to start getting out of debt.

Finally, wouldn’t you love to have more time freedom in your business? For many of us, getting our free time back would be as simple as hiring a few new employees. But that can be a challenge for people in today’s environment. Unless… you could hire those employees for free. Watch this video on getting free employees.

Please note that for both of the programs above, I have an involvement in the project. So if you end up buying anything from either of those companies, I stand to gain financially. Cards on the table.

Have a great weekend!

Why Everybody Loves Apple

Apple makes products that are so cool, a product demo alone is enough to make the sale. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t “selling”. It’s just that they’ve compressed the old AIDA formula into a one-step sale (on a surface level, anyway). Here’s what I mean… let’s break down Apple’s typical product demo using AIDA as the framework. Steve Jobs steps onto the stage and begins talking…

We know he’s going to say something interesting, because he always does.

Ah, he’s talking about Apple TV. He’s hinting they’ve done something new. He’s actually talking about the shortcomings of Apple TV! Now I’m interested for sure…

He shows the super tiny NEW version. He demos the cool new features. I’m beginning to salivate. The he drops the bomb… the unbelievable low price.

Steve mentions the date it’s available. Everyone listening is ready to buy now. Anticipation is near frenzy level.

Andy Jenkins has duplicated this process fairly well with his launch of Kajabi, the integrated marketing platform. It’s been kind of amusing to see how people are actually angry they can’t give Andy  their money yet (maybe by the time you read this they will have opened the doors).

Good exercise: think about how you can duplicate Apple’s process in your own business.