Even Trying a Little of This Increases Profits

Most of us work for the big home run in business. We’re looking for the breakthrough idea, the standout promotion, the million-dollar product launch.

I’ve been involved in a little bit of each, and they are certainly nice. But the reality is S. not the way normal business growth occurs. The way businesses normally grow is incrementally, over time.

Interestingly, it seems to be the businesses that have been growing incrementally over time that more often than not experience those big home run moments every now and then.

One way to increase profits, almost without fail, is to try a little bit of improvement every day. Improve your process for selling, prospecting, and producing products. Just a little bit, every day. It adds up.

Proven! Ten Dollar Marketing Tactics

Having no marketing budget is no excuse for not marketing. Here are three ideas you can use to promote your business, and each of them cost less than $10.

You might laugh when you see the list. But it’s my belief that many of the businesses we see closing their doors these days might have been saved by the diligent application of $10 marketing tactics.

1. Call every one of your past customers on the phone and ask them if they need help with anything. Listen to their answer.

2. Write a letter to every one of your past customers and ask them if they need help with anything. Watch for their response, or be ready for their phone call.

3. If you send out any kind of billing each month, include an offer inside each envelope. It can be a simple one sheet description of a product-but it must contain a call to action. Ask for the order.

Now, you might say that some of these will cost more than $10. It’s true, if you’re going to mail all your past customers and you have 100,000 of them, it will cost more than 10 bucks. But my guess is, if the title of this post caught your attention, your problem is not having 100,000 previous customers and not knowing what to do with them.

Roadmap to the Rich Life

1. Realize that money won’t make you rich.

2. Stop trying to act like you’re rich.

3. Do what you love, and the money will probably follow. It may not be as much, but at least you’ll be doing what you love.

4. Seek first after the things that cannot be bought, because once you’ve lost those… well, I think you understand.

5. Don’t be a “second hander”. Stop living your life according to what other people think.

Grow An A+ Marketing Brain

Here’s a foolproof method to get yourself an A+ marketing brain, without having to pay for an expensive education.

Finish at least one good marketing book every week.

If you’re not currently an avid reader, this might seem like a big deal. It’s really not very difficult. Many marketing books are short, to begin with. And nobody said you have to read words printed on the page-audio books count. Most audio players have an option to speed up the audio-meaning you can often finish a book in half the time it might normally take.

If you read one good marketing book per week, you will have read 52 of them at the end of the year. How many of your peers do you think do that? How many of your competitors? Exactly. A+.