#173: 5 Destructive Lies You Tell Yourself

173What is a lie exactly? I have written elsewhere that “Lies… are simply falsehoods perpetrated upon us for the purpose of robbing us of something.” Yet we lie to ourselves every day. Why would we do that? And of what are we robbing ourselves?

The 5 Destructive Lies You Tell YOurself


  • The 5 Destructive Lies You Tell Yourself
  • The 5 Liberating Truths That Will Set You Free
  • The Most-Quoted Bible Verse in Hell

#172: How To Get More Readers, Frank Viola (Part 2)

Today’s episode is Part 2 of a two-part interview with best-selling author Frank Viola. I had great fun with this conversation, and if you are a writer (or want to be one), I think you’ll learn a lot from it. I get to “grill” Frank about questions writers always want to know about other writers…

How to get even more readers 2


  • Why do you write?
  • How do  you write?
  • Are you a “word count guy” or are you a “time at keyboard” guy?
  • How do you get published?
  • And we pick up where we left off… Frank was going off on a bit of a “rant”..