#210: Is Self-Promotion Wrong For Christians?

Letting God Promote You

It’s another Faith Friday, and today we’re tackling the question: as a Christian, is it wrong to promote yourself? If it is, what does that say about marketing and advertising?

Episode 210

These are questions that trouble thoughtful Christians.

I believe that you can get more clarity about the difference between marketing and self-promotion by remembering 5 keys from the life of Joseph.

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#209: From Blank Page to Best Seller in 90 Days

Chandler Bolt has 5 best-selling books to his credit. This is how he does it.

Depending on who you ask, it seems over 90% of people think they “have a book inside”. So why is it that less than 2% of people ever manage to get that book outside? Why is it so many never get that book published, let alone become a best-seller?

Blank Page to Best Seller

My deep-dive Conversation this week is with Chandler Bolt, who has cranked out 5 (yes, five) best-selling books. He has a system for reproducing this result. Reliably. Like clockwork. Chandler reveals exactly what he does, and how he does it. You can do it, too!

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#208: 7 Questions to Resurrect Your Passion

Ever notice how you’re excited at the beginning of a new thing – like a project, a client, your business, or even your relationships? It’s like you’re on fire, but with time the passion often fades.

7 questions to resurrrect you passion

How do you resurrect that passion when the fire seems like it’s gone out?

  • The best way we’ve found to share your best photos and be inspired by others.

  • How to become visionary!

  • …and our featured segment… 7 Questions to Resurrect Your Passion…

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#207: Questions About Grace

Last week’s Faith Friday episode, What’s So Amazing About Grace? sure stirred up some commentary. And some questions. And some outright disagreement.

Ray Edwards Show Episode 207

A few of the questions raised by that episode:

  • Is it true that I, Ray Edwards, do not pray for my sins to be forgiven?
  • Did I really say that nothing Jesus said before His resurrection applies to Christians today?
  • Do I think it’s okay for Christians to live a life of sin because they are “under Grace”?

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