#162: 5 Reasons Cussing Is Costing You Cash

On March 27, my friend Michael Hyatt started a firestorm with a blog post entitled, How Much Business Is Your Profanity Costing You? 


One of the most heated debates I’ve witnessed online ensued. Many people offered the rationale that their profanity was either a way of bonding with their audience, or of using an NLP technique known as a “pattern interrupt” (allegedly getting immediate attention and thus making communication more effective). I think most of the discussion missed Michael’s most important point.

I’m amazed that almost all of the hundreds of people who vented their opinion completely failed to see the most powerful business-based argument Michael put on the table. In today’s show, I’ll be Captain Obvious and show what you may have missed – plus I’ll give you 5 reasons why your cussing isn’t making you cool, it’s costing you cash.

#161: How Cliff Ravenscraft Transformed His Life

We often hear success stories of people who go from “rags to riches”. We usually hear about the struggles they had when they started. What is uncommon is to hear about the struggles they still endure, and how they are overcoming them in the present moment.

CLiff ravenscraft

I’m very excited about today’s show, which is mostly a recording of a conversation between me and my friend Cliff Ravenscraft, also known as The Podcast AnswerMan. During this totally unscripted, off-the-cuff interview, you’ll discover:

  • How the TV show Lost helped Cliff become a leading voice in the world of podcasting.
  • How investing in one specific training program changed the entire vector of Cliff’s life, and career.
  • Why success on the outside may not be an indicator of success on the inside (Cliff opens up and tells of his most recent struggle, and the incredible way he is gaining victory.)
  • The story of a prayer that brought a miraculous answer in the most unexpected place, and literally transformed Cliff’s life in the moment.
  • How “selfies” can actually be selfless.
  • Two books you absolutely must read if you want to change your physical health once and for all (and chances are you’ve never heard of either of them).
  • Plus, a whole lot more wisdom from the man who helps so many take their lives “to the Next Level.”

#160: Are You Making These 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

You’re smart. You never believed the people who said “there’s no money in Social Media”. You thought the people who said Social was all about “pictures of what people had for lunch” or “videos about cats” were missing the point. Yes, those things are popular on Social Media… and it’s also true that Social Media is a vital marketing medium that can bring big rewards, monetary and otherwise when done right. Just ask Taylor Swift, Oreo, the folks behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, or even President Barack Obama.

5 Social MEdiamistakes-

Just knowing Social Media Marketing is important, however, is not enough. You must know how to do it right – or at least how to not do it wrong. Today’s episode will address what I consider to be the 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes you are most likely making right now… and how to fix them.

#159: The Fastest Path to Cash

Cash is the oxygen that lets your business breathe. And just like oxygen, when there is none available it’s all you can think about because you need it to survive.

The Fastest Path to Cash

Sometimes your business just needs a fast infusion of cash, and today I’ll show you 3 ways to get cash quick. Best of all, they are legal, moral, and ethical!