#167: The Current State of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is here, it’s here to stay, and it’s bigger than ever. But who can keep up with the trends, the new networks, and the shifting sands of strategy and tactics? How do you know what to spend your time on, and what’s a waste? Who could possibly sort through this mass of possible opportunities or pitfalls?


You- that’s who! All you really need is the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. In today’s episode, I’ll tell you where to get it, why it’s important, what to look for, and how you can use this valuable piece of marketing intelligence to catapult your social media marketing forward in the remaining half of the year! Other reasons to keep listening include:

  • How to write a $10 Million sales page…
  • Why you can have hope no matter how big your challenges…
  • And your last chance to get a free training video on how to start, run, and grow a business that changes the world.

#166: Information Is Not Power

Have you heard the phrase, “Information is power?” Well, it’s not true. It’s not even close to being true.


The idea that “information is power” is misleading, and causes many people to create roadblocks to their own success. And it’s about more than just the distinction that “information applied is power” – even that variation has problems. I’ll explain how to transform the lead of “information” into the gold of “transformation” in this episode.

#165: 5 Amazing Tricks For Perfect Social Media Headlines

The single most important thing you can do to boost your social media engagement is right better headlines. If you don’t get the click, you certainly don’t get engagement.

5 amazing headline tricks

Old-fashioned headline templates are no longer enough. You need a smarter, stickier strategy. In today’s episode I give you a sample from our brand-new copywriting course-I’ll share five amazing tricks for perfect social media headlines.

#164: The O.D.E.S.S.A. Secret To Writing 10X Faster (And Better)

Want to know the secret to writing well? Write a lot. Want to know the secret to writing a lot? Write fast.

WRIte 10x faster

Not only does writing fast help you write better, it also allows you to make more money (if your income is dependent upon your writing). In this episode…

The O.D.E.S.S.A. Secret To Writing 10X Faster (And Better)

#163: 5 Quick Ways To Jumpstart Dead Blog Posts

Have you ever written a blog post, one you thought was going to be brilliant, only to read it afterward and realize it falls flat? Have you ever gone back through your library of past posts, and occasionally wondered, “How did I write something this boring?


If so, don’t despair. I think all of us who write experience this phenomenon. The good news is you can resurrect “dead” blog posts. In this episode, I will describe 5 quick ways you can jumpstart  a dead blog post.