#229: Social Media Marketing World 2016

Top 10 Takeaways & Tips

We just returned from Social Media Marketing World 2016, and this episode is filled with our impressions, some takeaways, and tips.


We get into what you can do to make any conference trip better, and how to get the most from your conference dollars.

  • How to be happy, regardless of what happens.
  • How to turn your phone into walkie-talkie.
  • …and flair!

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#228: From Overworked to Over The Moon: Laura Roeder

Meet the Founder of MeetEdgar.com

This is a special edition of the Ray Edwards Show where I interview the founder of Meet Edgar, Laura Roeder.  I love her story and I think you will too!

Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is…

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#226: 7 Keys to More Effective Copywriting

The Art of Writing Words That Sell

Today’s podcast is filled with action steps you can put to work in your business right away. These steps are designed to make more money. It should be no surprise to you but all seven steps involve your copywriting skills.

copywriting key

But we’re not going esoteric on you. This podcast is not about theory, it’s about practice. You’ll be able to put this stuff to work right now. Today. In this week’s episode, you’ll find…

  • How to know it’s time to give up trying to solve the problem you face, and try something crazy. Something supernatural.
  • How to get access to our new copywriting training series, free.
  • 7 keys to more effective copywriting-you’ll be writing words that sell better, faster, and easier than ever before.
  • …And there’s more!

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#225: 3 Killer Copy Tactics That Create Cash

Proven Methods Produce Instant Income

Copywriting is the single most valuable skill you can develop in business. It’s the only skill you can use to create more sales, out of thin air, without spending more on ads or changing your product or delivery. And if you need cash quick, you’re going to love today’s episode.

Writing Tactics

We’re going to explore proven methods that can produce nearly instant income. Specifically, I will be spelling out three killer copy tactics that create cash. Reliably. Time after time. And the funny part is, you just experienced two of them already. Also in this week’s episode…

  • How it’s possible that God is offering you incredible gifts-and you are refusing to take them!
  • An incredible new copywriting tutorial video series, that is absolutely 100% free. How to get it.
  • …and there’s more!

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