Why You’ll Never Be Productive, Rich & Happy

Does any of the following sound familiar? You set goals but never seem to hit them…you never seem satisfied…you experience up’s and down’s, but always seem to live your life somewhere in the messy middle…you have that “someday I’ll be happy” mentality. If that’s you, here’s what I know about you, you aren’t productive, rich, or happy.

You’re familiar with the adage about keeping the same pattern but expecting different results, right? Starting right now it can all be different for you. This week I’m going to explain why you’re having this problem, and I’m going to give you a roadmap to escape the messy middle.

I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

As entrepreneurs, we have one mandate…get as rich as possible. How did you react when you read that? Did it make you feel uncomfortable and even a little squeamish?

Money is not a “zero sum game” (meaning in order for me to win you have to lose) – it is quite the opposite. Money is infinite, a representation of the wealth created by entrepreneurs, tradesmen, and investors.

So if money is infinite, why don't you have more?

That's part of the fabric of my discussion with Perry Marshall on today's show. Perry is one of the most expensive and sought-after business consultants in the world. I think you'll enjoy the conversation.

10 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Own Live Events

Hosting a live event is complex, expensive, risky, and stressful. Yet for some of us, live events seem like a necessity due to our business model.

Even if you have decided that hosting a live event, seminar, or workshop is just too big a pain…Even if you have decided you have no interest in pursuing live events as part of your business model… I urge you to reconsider. Why? Because if you pass this up, you could be passing one of the most rewarding, enjoyable, life changing, and profitable business activities available to you.

How To Build an Email List Fast

Everybody knows that to succeed online you need to build your emails list. Email is still the most effective selling tool online. Videos, webinars, and “the socials” don’t work without email. But building an email list is hard.

Unless you know the secrets in today’s podcast episode. We’re going to share exactly how to build and email list fast.

How To Create Content Fast

If you want to build an online business, or if you want to go online to promote your local, real-world business, you face the same challenge. There are a bajillion websites out there, so how do you stand out in a Sea of Sameness? It’s easy to wast time, money, and effort and get nothing in return.

There is one ingredient that can change all that. It’s not magic, but it is required.


But how do you create enough good content to matter? This week we’re going to show you a simple way to create 10 pieces of content across 5 major platforms in about an hour.