Brain Hacking Your Way to Good Habits

Identify the Triggers That Are Blocking Your Success

How robotic is your behavior? How much of your day is on automatic pilot? For most people, the answer is, “more than you think.”  Invisible triggers activate much of our behavior. Without realizing it, we become slaves to those triggers. This is dangerous. These automatic behaviors can have huge negative impact on our lives.

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As a young boy, I often visited my grandmother. Granny was what you imagine when you hear the word “grandmother.” She adored my brothers and me. She was more permissive than our Mom & Dad. She let us stay up late. She spoiled us. And she filled us with ice cream, cake, cobbler, and homemade banana pudding.

How To Get Rid Of All The Paper In Your Life

Clear the Clutter, Go Paperless, and Live Free

When my Grandmother died, she left behind some clothes, a little furniture, and approximately one banker’s box full of papers, letters, birth certificates, and so forth. In my grandparent’s generation, the average person accumulated very little in the way of paper documents over their lifetime. Today it’s different. My wife and I receive, through the daily mail alone, more paper in a single month than my grandmother accumulated in her entire life.


A few days ago, I was moving a pile of papers from one place to another, so I could find a different piece of paper. I realized that I have paper hiding in file cabinets, desk drawers, closets, and boxes stored in my basement and garage (and at least a half dozen boxes stored in a warehouse in Indiana). Mounds of paper lurking in the shadows of my life.  This, I thought, has crossed into the borderland of insanity.

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5 Ways the “Fear of Missing Out” Causes You to Miss out


Have you heard of this thing called FOMO? It’s a popular buzzword with entrepreneurs these days, and it stands for the “Fear Of Missing Out”. The idea behind FOMO is that we say yes to everything that comes our way, because we’re afraid if we say no to something we will miss out on an opportunity.

3 Keys To Making This Your Best Year Ever

You want the coming new year to be your best year ever. What are the most important factors to ensure that’s what happens?

3 Crucial Keys To

Surprisingly, focusing on just 3 factors can dramatically improve your chances of making the coming year the best you have ever experienced. I plan to focus on these primary areas as I enter the new year. I encourage you to join me.