How to Have a Four Day Work Week

The first time I said it, I think I was in high school. “Why is the work week five days long, and the weekend only two? Why don’t we cut the workweek back to four days?”

I know I said it often back when I worked in corporate radio.

Then, many years later, I read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. His proposal that one can work only four hours a week made my ambition to work only four days a week seem modest by comparison.

How I Stay on Top of Email in 33 Minutes a Day

Most of us receive far more email than we want, and certainly more than we need. Many people spend hours each day answering or reading email. Many more feel the weight of guilt about the hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of unanswered emails sitting in their inbox.

Boss has received many email from job candidate

A few years ago, my wife and I traveled to the UK. While we were there, I had limited access to the Internet, especially while we were in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was basically limited to the half-hour I had each morning in a small Internet café. It was there that I learned it was possible to deal with email in 30 minutes a day.

I currently budget 33 minutes each day to deal with business email. You can easily do the same.

This is an entertaining and informative video from TED, featuring New York Times columnist David Pogue. How do you deal with the increasing complexity of our daily lives? Why does simplicity appeal to us? Funny and thought-provoking.